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A Future-Proofed Alternative to the Restaurant POS

Restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) systems used to be the backbone of a successful restaurant when on-premise sales drove most of the revenue. Today, online sales are driving a large percentage of revenue for operators that are surviving this pandemic. Is the POS made for that or do you have a lot of tablets back-of-the-house for the on-line vendors you work with today? Have you ever seen a system designed for both on-premise and online that seamlessly integrates with your restaurant’s existing operations?

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The Drive for Flexibility

In “6 restaurant trends that will shape 2021,” Restaurant Dive points to the trends that drive the need for flexibility:

  • Diners seek digitally integrated curbside channels as a faster, cheaper alternative to delivery
  • White label deals will rise amid fight for diner data – [Think, operators want to run their own branded websites, and collect first party data directly, instead of working through a third party platform.]
  • Virtual brands will benefit chains that have the bandwidth to balance brands – [Operators can capture more share and appeal to unique guest preferences with online-only brands that supplement brick-and-mortar revenue.]
  • Ghost kitchens will benefit brands that are mature enough to have robust delivery channels – [Ghost kitchen operators can tap higher revenue by opening up delivery, alongside curbside pickup. But they need the technical wherewithal to run smoothly.]

Many Restaurant Systems = Many Problems

If you’ve spent your career in hospitality, you know that your Restaurant POS sits at the center of many different systems that are sometimes connected, and more often are not: [See Chart]

Add to this dizzying array of tools the many interfaces staff need to learn to use. What gets lost in this restaurant cluster of confusion? Your guests.

Loyalty, Reservations, & Marketing

• Aggregate customer behavior data
• Use data and offers to increase returns and add new customers
• Often multiple systems

eCommerce Solutions

• 1st party Takeout & Delivery
• Gift cards
• Events / tickets
• Merchandise
• Often multiple systems

Cost Management

• Plan & analyze food & beverage (COGS) and labor costs relative to revenue
• Integrate with accounting and payroll
• Often multiple systems

3rd Party Delivery

• DoorDash / GrubHub, etc.
• Marketplace visibility
• High operational expense
• Challenging to manage
• No customer data
• Often multiple 3rd parties

The GoTab Restaurant Commerce Platform

With GoTab, whether you’re running a brewery, a restaurant, a bar, an entertainment venue or more we help you dramatically improve the guest experience and increase revenue while keeping your costs low and your operations nimble.

With no (required) mobile app to manage, no expensive hardware or software to lease or buy, you can move quickly and adapt to the future of hospitality. A future where guests are in control, and operators must be flexible, and responsive to their guests’ unique needs.

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GoTab’s Restaurant Commerce Platform offers a single system to unify operations. With user-friendly interfaces for both customers and staff, you can flexibly serve your guests, whether in-person or online. Because it is built on the latest technology, GoTab’s Restaurant Commerce Platform easily integrates with other systems.

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