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A Complete Quick Service POS Solution for Your Business

GoTab’s POS for Quick Service is a complete set of tools for dine-in, online ordering, and delivery. With no long-term contract or monthly fees, you get everything your fast-paced business needs at a fraction of the cost of legacy POS systems.

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More Orders, Less Work - A Quick Service POS That Works for You

GoTab’s app-less mobile ordering & payment model is a perfect fit for Quick Service restaurants because it puts guests in the driver’s seat. When guests are in control of the experience, they order more and their orders are more accurate. Operators using GoTab for Quick Service can take advantage of all of the efficiencies of our restaurant commerce platform with none of the typical POS headaches. Our simple, transaction-based pricing means we only make money when you do.

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Guests love it because they’re able to be their own servers. … with GoTab it almost feels like we have 20 people on the floor because we’re freed up from … getting the order, putting it into the POS, taking the order to the kitchen, etc. As soon as the guests submits the order, it prints to the respective printer and that job can be started in the kitchen. It frees up time to do table touches and be more attentive to the guests on the floor.

– Keem Hughley, Director of Sales at Maketto


Full-Service, Counter-Service, Curbside Pickup, & Delivery

  • Contactless Ordering & Payment
  • Open, Share & Split Tabs – Between Guests and Servers
  • GoTab KDS & Printer Integration
  • Cloud Deployment
  • No Long-Term Contract or Monthly Fees
  • No App Download Required

Quick Service POS Hardware

GoTab runs on any iOS-, Android- or Windows-enabled device. That means if you have old hardware on hand, you can re-use that hardware. If you need new hardware, look no further. GoTab offers:

Hand-Held Ordering Tablet

This 10.1″ Amazon Fire Tablet provides the perfect mix of compact and powerful. It is lightweight and easy to carry, it allows your team to have mobile ordering capability and it's easy to use.

Pax Hand-Held Payment Terminal

A powerful payment terminal to process physical credit, debit and gift cards.

POS Terminal And KDS

A sturdy 15.6″ high definition screen with waterproof front display and 10 point capacitive touch, allows for an easy POS experience.

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Quick Service POS Software

  • With our QR Code Menu, you can control how your digital menu displays. Use GoTags to allow guests to filter by “Vegan” or “Gluten Free” items. Add your own branding, photography, and even multimedia (video). Offer different digital menus for online orders, dine-in. Use dynamic pricing to optimize sales based on the hours of the day or days of the week.  
  • Use our Kitchen Display App (KDS) to make your kitchen operations hum. With features like order batching (to improve food runner efficiency), throttling (to control the through-put of orders for dine-in vs. takeout), zones (to enable different menus and order rules for different revenue centers), our KDS is complimentary with your GoTab service. 
  • Use our Manager App from any internet-connected device and view a break-down of your data. From current to previous period sales data, or detailed views like orders per hour. We help you organize and analyze your business.

GoTab’s Quick Service Features

  • Branded digital menu with your custom look and feel.
  • Host and manage eCom store for merchandise.
  • Built-In feedback loop for customer reviews.
  • Open Tabs – Save on per transaction processing costs.
  • Capture subscribers lists for marketing engagement.
  • Build your own promos & discounts with order rules.
  • Zone & spot analytics (view sales by rev center & tables within).
  • Integration with GoTab KDS so the kitchen can seamlessly expedite orders through a single interface.
  • Two-way text communication with guests ensures everyone stays informed.
  • Packing slips for organized fulfilment of orders.
    Batch orders and throttle sales channels to manage peak demand.
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Quick Service Dine-In - Say Goodbye To Order Lines

With QR-based ordering, your guests can browse your menu and submit an order from anywhere they find a QR at your venue. No need to stand in line or flag down a server. And because GoTab supports two-way communication via text, you can notify our guests that their order is available and where to pick it up.

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Quick Service Takeout

GoTab online ordering lets guests view the menu via your customized GoTab site, which you can link to from your website, share on social media, or via a QR code placed at participating venues. Guests can schedule their pickup date and time, then place their order. If plans change, guests can easily adjust their pickup time and location. The order is displayed in the GoTab KDS to be fulfilled, and simultaneously, the customer receives a verification text to confirm their order for pickup.

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