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Use Our Manager App to Run Your Business Efficiently

The Manager App allows you to view and export your data day-to-day so you can be completely in-the-know, whether you’re on premise or not. You can view the dashboard from any internet-connected device. The Manager App allows you to break down your sales summary, view your sales and orders per hour, and even compare your current numbers to previous weeks. GoTab helps you organize and analyze your business.

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Manager App Features

With our Manager App, you can access and organize your business’s data in one, easy-to-use space. Our manager app allows you to view data in real-time, change your menu, manage your inventory, and much more.

See More

Closeout reports
Real-time sales data
View Feedback

Spend Less

No special hardware or software
All internet-connected device
No monthly subscription required

Do More

Edit & add the menu
Two-way text with guests
Manage inventory

Communicate Better

24x7 customer support
Manage your staff with 7Shift
Integrated chat support

menu management screen

Edit Your Menu Breakdown

You can set up daily, seasonal, and special event menus based on your business needs. Set up GoTags to categorize menu items like food allergies. Menu modifiers allow you to customize orders and promotions straight from the Manager App. These features let you organize your products so you have control over your guest experience. You can edit your menu on the fly to add daily specials and 86 items when needed. You can also set up takeout menus for guests to schedule to-go and curbside pickup orders. 

Improve Communication

Interact with customers and view customer feedback in real-time. GoTab integrates high-quality hospitality with intuitive tech into the dining experience. Our system allows managers to interact with customers via two-way texting. This feature gives you the ability to respond to comments, questions, and concerns immediately giving your guests more power over their dining experience. Additionally, feedback displays directly to the manager dashboard so you can address issues in real-time.

Benefits to The Manager App

  • View Tabs, whether they are opened or closed, and have the ability to close them at the end of the day
  • Manage takeout and delivery orders, generate packing slips, and export information
  • Add, edit, temporarily disable, and remove menu items
  • Create master menus, and multiple sub-menus so you can separate daily menus, seasonal menus, or event/location menus
  • View and manage your inventory
  • Adjust your location schedule to produce orders during set times
  • Create, customize and update zones and spots based on your seating chart 
  • View daily sales reports and data
  • Manage payment processors and gift cards
  • Export labor report
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