Kitchen Display System

A Feature-Rich KDS For All Needs

Use the GoTab Kitchen Display App at different stations depending on the menu item ordered. For example, when diners order a beer and a burger, the alcohol is marked as a bar item and the food is marked as a kitchen item. The KDS sends the orders to the correct station to be fulfilled. GoTab helps you categorize each item for your space so the order can be fulfilled by the right staff. Your team will never need to fill out a paper ticket ever again.

Kitchen display system

Trusted by amazing operators including:

Smarter Operation

With the GoTab app, scheduled orders are organized on your KDS and displayed with ticket timers so that you never miss an order. With multi-station mode (preparation and expo) kitchen operation can run faster and more efficiently. Integrated alerts notify you when an order arrives or when an order ticket goes unattended for too long.

See More

Closeout reports for complete orders
Tips & price views
Coordinate same spot orders

Spend Less

No special hardware or software
All internet-connected device
Apple iOS and Android-friendly
Use existing device, printers or both

Do More

Manage menu options
Add/disable menu directly from KDS
View audit trail for changes

Communicate Better

Two-way text with guests
Automatic text on dispatch
24/7 customer support
Integrated chat support

Evil Genius KDS screen.

We Make It Easy to Plan Ahead

GoTab’s kitchen display system will display incoming orders and indicate their lead time so your kitchen staff knows when to start preparing the order. You can even integrate inventory management with our KDS system by managing your menu in real-time. For example, if your restaurant runs out of a menu item, such as avocados, you can 86 the item and GoTab will update every dish on the menu that contains avocados. If someone tries to order the BLT with avocado they will be notified that, unfortunately, there are no avocados today.

Two-Way Texting

With two-way SMS text communication, your guests are always kept informed. Our KDS allows the kitchen to communicate with customers. That means you can respond to guest feedback in real-time. You can send one of the pre-written texts that are available or send them a personalized text to talk to them in real time. This can help clarify incoming orders or update customers on their prep times and order status quickly and efficiently. 

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