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GoTab's Integrated Partners

GoTab's Integrated Partners​

GoTab works with best of breed solutions so that it can flexibly fit your location, allowing for a continued focus on the core real-time operational experience.

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7shifts is labor management software designed for restaurants. They help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication.


Agilysys Inc. is a developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise software and other products for the hospitality industry. They specialize in point of sale, property management, inventory and procurement, document management, workforce management, and mobile and wireless products.

BarTrack logo


BarTrack is a hospitality technology company that aims to increase profits through effortlessly tracking an operator’s inventory and optimizing the quality of draft products.

Cleveland Menu

Cleveland Menu has been serving the hospitality industry since 1930, specializing in the design and production of high-quality printed, leather, metal, copper, aluminum, and wood menu covers. 


Compeat is a restaurant management software system that provides an integrated Accounting, Back Office, Workforce and Intelligence portfolio. They have the most comprehensive and innovative accounting, back office, workforce and intelligence portfolio in the industry and over 34 years of restaurant and technology best practices, giving restaurants a true technology partner they can trust today and for the future.


Founded in 2015, Craftable is a complete restaurant management platform designed by Silicon Valley tech experts partnered with hospitality industry veterans. They collaborate with restaurateurs, operators and accountants to unite businesses with best-in-class technology to drive profit and reduce labor for restaurants, bars and hotels. The platform is built to accommodate operators from independent restaurateurs to regional and national chains.


Craftpeak was founded in 2016, with the intention of making web experiences as amazing and specialized as your beer. Since then, they have created professional business solutions to help craft breweries thrive online.


Ctuit is a comprehensive all-in-one restaurant management software. Ctuit is a provider of Radar, which includes integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligence solutions, designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators.


Launched in Palo Alto, CA in 2012, DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. They streamline and facilitate door-to-door delivery across America which empowers local business, and in turn, generates new ways to earn, work, and live.

Doordash Drive Logo

DoorDash Drive

Launched in Palo Alto, CA in 2012, DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. They streamline and facilitate door-to-door delivery across America which empowers local businesses, and in turn, generates new ways to earn, work, and live. DoorDash Drive is their white-label fulfillment delivery service, so that Dashers can deliver native orders from an operator’s website, app or third party delivery platforms.

Ekos logo


Ekos is a brewery production management system in use by many breweries across the United States. Many brewers find it beneficial to look at their sales volume by beer in Ekos since that is where they do most of their work.


Fiserv is a global fintech and payments company with solutions for banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing and payments, and point-of-sale.


Giftlocal is changing the way people gift. Not only can the world instantly send and receive gift cards, but people can choose specific items like a bottle of champagne, a craft cocktail… even a burger and fries!


Givex offers omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty, and stored value ticketing solutions that drive sales for our clients, help them better understand, reward, and entice their customers, and ultimately make better-informed business decisions.


Handpoint provides solutions for merchants, acquirers, payfacs, ISOs, and ISVs who are delivering this edge for payments: where customer experience and management matter, where payments are embedded seamlessly, and where mobile technology fuels growth.



inKind is the largest provider of non-dilutive growth capital for hospitality businesses. Their portfolio includes Mina Group, Blue Stone Lane, and 400+ independent restaurants.

Kalyvio logo


Klaviyo is an automated marketing software company founded in 2012 in Boston, MA. They provide robust email and SMS marketing capabilities designed to aggregate customer data, and thus improving overall business operations. The platform allows for customer segmentation and personalization of content based on stored customer data.


MarginEdge is a powerful restaurant solution that seamlessly combines paperless invoice processing with POS and accounting integrations – creating massive time savings and high-impact daily financial reporting.



Omnivore unifies technology for guest engagement and technical agility. With a curated selection of the best solutions, restaurants easily connect and activate technologies to improve their business including online ordering, payment, labor and more.

Already have a POS? Our system is unique in that you don’t have to use our POS to use GoTab. Learn more about our POS integrations.


Otter is a delivery management & optimization platform that helps your restaurant increase sales and efficiency. Otter’s innovative order management and analytics technology products can be tailored to meet all restaurants’ online ordering needs.


Paysafe provides simple and secure payment solutions to businesses of all sizes around the world. From online to in-store payments; from merchant acquiring to payment gateways; from alternative payments to omni-channel and secure cross-border e-commerce; from white-label credit solutions to mobile order and delivery platforms, they offer businesses an unbeatable one-stop solution.


Postmates helps people unlock the best of their cities with an insanely reliable on-demand “anything” network. Launched in 2011, Postmates pioneered the on-demand delivery movement in the US by offering delivery from restaurants and stores previously only available offline.

QSR logo

QSR Automation

QSR Automations is a global leader in restaurant technology, serving up solutions that range from kitchen display systems to table management and hardware. QSR’s innovative restaurant technology solutions include kitchen display, recipe viewer, seating and waitlist management with call-aheads, reservations, and reliable restaurant hardware.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. They offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.


Restaurant365 provides a restaurant-specific accounting and back office software platform that alleviates the significant burdens placed on restaurant operators – allowing concepts to operate more efficiently and profitably in a digital world.

StayNTouch logo


Stayntouch is a guest-Centric Cloud PMS empowers hoteliers to deliver whatever experience they dream up. Increase revenue, reduce costs, mobilize staff, and amplify your guest experience with easy-to-use, easy-to-train on, easy-to-configure, and unburdened software.


Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Companies use Stripe to accept payments, grow their revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.


TapHunter connects craft beer, spirit, wine and cocktail fans with their favorite libations on iPhone, Android and the web.


TSYS is a leading global provider of seamless, secure and innovative solutions to payment card issuers — financial institutions and retail companies — in approximately 80 countries worldwide. With nearly 200 clients, and more than 638 million traditional accounts on file, TSYS succeeds by putting people and their needs at the heart of every decision to help them unlock payment possibilities. 


Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014. Users can read menus, reviews and ratings, order, and pay for food from participating restaurants using an application on the iOS or Android platforms, or through a web browser.

Untappd logo


Untappd is a geosocial networking service and mobile phone application founded by Greg Avola and Tim Mather that allows its users to check in as they drink beers, and share these check-ins and their locations with their friends.

Valutec logo

Valutec Card Solutions

Valutec Card Solutions is a full service gift and loyalty card solutions provider. For over 10 years, they have served as an industry leader in pre-packaged and custom gift card programs and merchandising tools.

Wisely powered by Olo Logo


Wisely helps enhance the customer experience to drive profit with our best-in-class restaurant software: Waitlist, Reservations, Table & Order Management, CRM, and CDP.

POS Integrations

Our system is unique in that you don’t have to use our POS to use GoTab. We have integrated with numerous systems so you have the ability to choose a POS optimized for your business’ needs.
Focus logo

Focus POS

We integrate with Focus POS through Omnivore. Focus POS empowers you to control labor costs, manage inventory, and have deeper visibility into your business. The POS is designed to support the highest level of customer service. Focus POS systems are PCI-compliant; easy to use, install and maintain; and deliver return on investment by maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing costs.

Micros logo


We integrate with MICROS 3700 through Omnivore. MICROS 3700 helps streamline day-to-day business processes by connecting the FOH and BOH into a single, unified operation. This POS is designed for optimized speed of service and enhanced guest experience. Its intuitive features include: cloud reporting and analysis tools, inventory management, start-to-finish guest experience management, comprehensive security, and more.

Simphony logo

Oracle Simphony

We integrate with Oracle Simphony through Omnivore. Oracle Simphony is a POS built for complete restaurant management for operators across the board. This cloud POS platform helps restaurants optimize their online and in-house operations from any device in real-time. Simphony features include: table management and conversational ordering, reservation and wait list management, reporting and analytics, inventory management, employee management, and more!


We integrate with Positouch through Omnivore. POSitouch offers a premium software suite with features like barcode scanning, commission management, customer account profiles, discount management, delivery management, and much more.

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