Hospitality First Service Awards

Hospitality First Service Awards

Recognizing The Servers Who Deserve It The Most

Recognizing The Servers Who Deserve It The Most

Are you a server, or do you know a server that demonstrates impeccable hospitality while using GoTab? Have you used this new technology to upgrade the guest experience? Well, we want to hear it and reward you for your hard work.

Weekly Cash Prizes Awarded

Weekly Cash Prizes Awarded​

Each week a winner will be chosen for a $200 cash prize from a participating GoTab location.

Each weekly winner will be entered to win the final grand prize!

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded $2,000 and a chance to be featured as follows:

  • Recognition on the GoTab website
  • Recognition in a GoTab press release
  • Video testimonial shoot at their location
  • Certificate and a premium swag kit

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?​


GoTab servers can nominate themselves, nominate their coworkers or be nominated by their managers. Use the form below!

Tell the Story

Describe how the nominee is using GoTab to enhance the guest experience they deliver.

Winners Selected

Each week from May 16 through June 30, we'll select a deserving winner from a participating GoTab location.

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2022 Grand Prize Winner Kyra Weinberger

2022 Grand Prize Winner Kyra Weinberger

A dedicated server, Weinberger has mastered the art of blending superlative hospitality with the convenience of technology at the Midwest’s first craft beer tasing bar/bottle shop concept.

“GoTab allows such an easy transition from bar service to table. I am able to chat with guests and guide them while they are ordering, but also quickly pour and bring them their drinks. If they move within the space – transition from the bar to a full-service table, I can easily make this change on the POS to avoid any confusion or ensure continuity of service”.

Previous Winners

Previous Winners

Amanda from MD (2021)

Alan from AL (2022)

Alyssa from FL (2022)

Arianna from IL (2021)

Aryn from MO (2022)

Breana from CA (2021)

Candice from MO (2022)

Carly from CA (2021)

Charlie from CA (2021)

Chelsea from VA (2022)

Courtney from CA (2021)

Daisy from CA (2021)

Dejuan from CA (2021)

Erica from OH (2022)

Gabe from VA (2022)

Jack from OH (2022)

Kayla from MO (2022)

Kerry from VA (2022)

Kyra from MO (2022)

Lee from IL (2022)

Mauricio from VA (2022)

Michael from HI (2022)

Monica from MO (2022)

Molly from CA (2022)

Phaedra from CA (2022)

Robert from MO (2022)

Robin from CO (2021)

Teryl from IL (2022)

Timothy from FL (2022)

Trevor from CA (2022)

Samantha from VA (2021)

Sara from CA (2021)

Shae from IL (2022)

Nominate a Server

Share with all the servers you know at a GoTab location! 

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Contest Rules

Contest Rules

  • The awards will run from May 16, 2022 and close June 30, 2022.

  • Submissions for each week will close on Monday at 12PM EST. Winners will be emailed each Monday at 5PM EST.

  • All nominees must be servers actively employed at a GoTab location and over the age of 18. 

  • All submissions must be made via the form above. 

  • Each submission must include a short summary of the nominee, including why they were nominated.

  • Entry is free and no payment or purchase is necessary to enter or win. A payment or purchase will not improve your chances of winning.

  • Once the entry is completed and submitted, the entry is final and may not be replaced, modified, supplemented, or edited.

  • The entry must not be profane, offensive, pornographic, defamatory or inappropriate as determined in GoTab’s discretion.

  • Please review your email’s spam section, for any future winner notification and/or company communication. 

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