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Running a full-service dining establishment is challenging, even when you’re fully staffed and running at 100 percent capacity. From maintaining food and service quality, to making sure you have the right number of front-of-house (FOH) staff, as more consumers are heading back out to dine-in experiences, GoTab can help you re-think your full-service model.

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Re-Think the Full-Service Model

Savvy operators are changing the way they think about the full-service dining model. In many ways it’s intuitive.

In the last year, guests got used to taking more control of their dining experiences by using QR codes to order and pay. Traditional FOH roles expanded to take on more responsibilities. For example, many operators cross-trained the staff they could retain so that they could take on more diverse duties. This has allowed operators to be more flexible and nimble since each member of their team is able to perform any task at hand.

With GoTab QR-based ordering and payment, and our all-in-one restaurant POS, you have the flexibility to adjust your service model based on your guest preferences and staffing levels.

You don’t have to be locked-in to one way of doing things that starts and ends with a server taking manual orders and swiping payment cards. You can hand more of the control to your guests, free-up your staff’s time to focus on creating a great experience. You can also continue to use the more traditional server-focused ordering and payment processes for guests who prefer it.

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We get compliments constantly. The amount of repeat business is outrageous at this point … At least five or six times a night I get people coming up to me after their meal and telling me how much of a better dining experience this is because they feel more empowered.

– Josh Phillips, Co-Founder of Espita


Full-Service, Curbside Pickup, & Delivery

  • Contactless Ordering & Payment
  • Open, Share & Split Tabs – Between Guests and Servers
  • GoTab KDS & Printer Integration
  • Cloud Deployment
  • No Long-Term Contract or Monthly Fees
  • No App Download Required
  • Two-Way Text with Guests
  • InKind Integration

With GoTab, Your Staff and Your Guests Have Options

According to a recent survey by Mann Hospitality, 73% of consumers plan to reduce their use of cash at restaurants moving forward, 49% would like to minimize human interaction by reserving tables, ordering, and paying through a mobile device and 46% want to settle the bill on a mobile app without waiting for a server. 

With guests now more comfortable sharing the ordering and payment tasks with your staff, there are still ways to ensure high-quality service and positive guest interactions. GoTab gives you and your guests the flexibility to engage the way they want.

With GoTab, Your Staff & Guests Have Options

Our Restaurant Commerce Platform helps operators deliver a consistent, high-quality guest experience while managing with limited staff. Because GoTab takes on more of the work for tasks like order taking and swiping cards, your staff get to focus on taking care of guests.

With so much changing in the Front-of-House (FOH), will Kitchen Operations change too? GoTab’s Kitchen Display System makes it easy to flex service to support full-service dining operations.

Traditional Service Model
GoTab's Upgraded Service Model
Organizing tickets on the rail.
Managing orders with a Kitchen Display. With advanced features like order batching and throttling, your kitchen can run smooth, like a well-oiled machine.
Displaying all orders at all stations.
Showing each station only what they need. Display only what your service station needs. Your bar, inside and outside orders can display on their respective stations, keeping your FOH focused and efficient.
Verbally explaining out-of-order items.
86ing menu items or ingredients in the KDS Managers can act quickly to remove items or ingredients from your digital menu, avoiding order delays and guest frustration.
Managing coupons, discounts, gift cards in separate systems.
Setting up coupons, discounts and gift cards in one place. GoTab lets you manage it all in one place with a complete audit trail of changes.
Kitchen communicating with guests through the FOH only.
Two-way text capability directly with guests. This optional feature makes it easy to streamline guest communication and provide a personalized guest experience.
Different tools for dine-in, takeout and delivery.
Managing dine-in, takeout and delivery though a single system. Our integrated Restaurant Commerce Platform grows with your business. Whether you’re running a full-service restaurant, a ghost kitchen, or a modified menu during different service hours, you can do it all.

Espita Runs Faster with GoTab

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