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WTOP: GoTab Builds Ecommerce Market and Grocery

Farmers Restaurant Group has launched a new online retail market and grocery. Consumers can now order farm-to-table staple items directly from Farmers using GoTab. Their custom GoTab sites support pickup and delivery and are built on the GoTab contactless ordering and payment platform. Farmers now has a new revenue source during pandemic restrictions.

Moving Fast to Serve Customer Demands

GoTab worked closely with Farmers to customize the platform for their unique needs in just a few weeks. It was no small feat — at the same time, GoTab was experiencing a 400 percent increase in usage. As a result of the launch, Farmers was able to bring back 175 of its furloughed employees.

“We had to make the decision of do we just buckle, or do we stay in the fight and figure out what’s going to work and what our communities needed. My team worked really rapidly and incredibly fast to spin up this whole market and grocery.”

Dan Simons, co-founder of Founding Farmers (to WTOP)

Support for 6 Market Locations

The Founding Farmers Market & Grocery offers over 500 daily grocery items. GoTab built the ability to serve 6 locations in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania:

Consumers can order from a wide selection of items. From prepared foods, bakery & pastries, butcher & deli, to fresh product, house-churned ice cream, and much more. Consumers give the platform high marks. The ability to order online and arrange contactless pickup and delivery was a huge customer satisfier. Customers turned to Founding Farmers to meet their daily grocery needs in large numbers. In fact, during the pandemic peak, Farmers was able to generate almost $125,000 in orders per day.

Get the full story at Farmers Restaurant Group morphs into full-fledged e-commerce market and grocer.

Learn more about how GoTab is working with Farmers Restaurant Group at GoTab Ecommerce Platform Features Help Founding Farmers “Perfect the Pivot”.

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