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What Your QR Menu Should Do For You

What Your QR Menu Should Do For You

Many restaurateurs have rushed to introduce QR code menus to give their guests a contactless way to browse their food and beverage offerings. But are all QR menus created equally? We say no. The simplest  implementation is a QR that points to a simple PDF version of a printed menu. These offer little benefit because while they save the cost and contact surfaces required by printed menus, ordering from a PDF menu still relies on a face-to-face conversation with a server. Assuming that a QR code in front of a PDF menu is the least functional option, what exactly should a functional QR Menu offer your business?

Showcase Your Food and Beverage Items

With platforms like GoTab, there are countless ways to use your menu to showcase your food and beverage items. At a minimum, start by creating separate categories for drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. If you’re just getting started, GoTab offers a free service that will consult with you and build out your first contactless menu. 

Next, plan for high-quality photography. Many independent restaurateurs struggle with this step but it is well worth the time and may be less expensive than you think. For one thing, it’s easy to create professional-level photos with a standard mobile device so you could even do it yourself. Many restaurateurs work with independent public relations firms who always have access to freelance photographers. GoTab lets you easily add photography to your menu. They make your menu much more interesting to browse.

Give Your Guests a Personalized Experience

Imagine every menu item available at your venue viewable on a single screen. While it sounds simple, think about how much time it would take for guests to scroll through a menu like that to find what they’re looking for. Now imagine how much more engaging your menu would be if your guests could search using filters? Just like shopping on an ecommerce storefront, or searching on a content site, GoTab’s QR Menus offer Google-like search capabilities using GoTags. That means your gluten free and vegan guests can immediately find the items designed for them. Take that a step further, guests can search by an unlimited number of filters that you get to customize to your needs.

Allow You to Update Your Menu in Real-Time

One of the most powerful benefits a QR menu should offer you is the ability to make real-time menu updates and changes. For example, the first person in the restaurant to know when an item is no longer available is the kitchen. But when using a printed or PDF menu, the only way a guest would know is by asking a server. With a QR menu like GoTab, the operator has the flexibility to 86 menu items from directly within the Kitchen Display System or Manager App. During busy times, this is a huge benefit to operators and guests. You can immediately tag the item temporarily unavailable in the menu, avoiding guest frustration.

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