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How to Upgrade Your Brewery Offerings With Contactless Ordering

As a brewery operator, you’re always experimenting with new ingredients and fermentation methods to deliver innovative drafts. But when it comes to your customers’ overall happiness, the recipe to success includes more than delicious beer alone.

In a recent Mastercard survey, 79% of participants report using contactless payments, motivated by safety and cleanliness. Contactless ordering is here to stay and is quickly becoming a feature that breweries can’t afford to overlook.

Contactless ordering for breweries can provide guests with a higher caliber experience from their arrival at your brewery to the moment they’re ready to check out. In this short guide, we’ll cover the steps to improving your brewery payment technology and why contactless ordering and payment is the future of the brewery industry.

Step 1: Choose Your System

There are many potential systems for contactless ordering and payment at your brewery, ranging from online menus and ordering customers can access from home to on-site tap-to-pay solutions.

Consider which parts of the ordering and payment process you’d like to make contactless, including:

  • Viewing the menu – QR codes, aka quick response codes, make it possible for guests to open a digital copy of the menu from their phones.
  • Adding to the digital check – Some systems make it possible for guests to keep their tabs open while dining.
  • Asking questions and making special requests – Want to free up your waitstaff? Look for solutions that allow for back-and-forth between guests and their servers.
  • Paying – Alongside contactless ordering, consider a solution that makes it easy for guests to pay with Apple Pay, a credit card, or Android Pay without creating a new account or downloading any new apps.
  • Splitting the tab and tips – If you’re implementing a contactless payment solution, make sure it also enables customers to contactless split or share the tab and tip.

Step 2: Brand and Customize Your Menu

Your paper menu has long been a part of your brewery’s branding—a place to provide tasting notes, suggested pairings, and a dash of humor.

The same should be true of your digital menu. In fact, the right brewery POS system actually gives you more control over your branding. Be sure to use the following strategies:

  • Make changes and updates – It’s easier than ever to add, remove, or change items as needed without resorting to a red pen or paper inserts. Update your brewery with daily (or hourly!) specials.
  • Customize your media – Add food and beer photos, branding, and videos to your digital menus so customers get thirsty while they browse.
  • Implement menus by location – Use menu modifiers, and host different menus depending on where in the brewery customers are sitting. Want to provide a discount to customers toughing out the drizzle in your outdoor seating? It’s possible to show them a different menu than your indoor guests!

For more on how to use a No-POS system in the brewery industry, contact us today!

Step 3: Provide Options

The option to place an online order and pay contactlessly makes customers feel safer during the pandemic and impacts how positively or negatively they view a business. A recent report found that 77% of respondents feel the amount of in-person interaction at a business would at least “somewhat” affect their decision to visit it.

But what about those customers who prefer to pay the old-fashioned way? Look for a solution that also includes credit card terminals to cover all your bases.

The Benefits of Contactless Ordering

Contactless payment improves your customers’ overall experience by making your business more efficient.

This improved efficiency exists for everyone who frequents your brewery. For customers, the improvements are obvious:

  • They don’t have to wait to pay the tab
  • They can access the digital menu at any point during the dining experience
  • Pictures allow diners to visualize food and drink options easily
  • Contactless ordering streamlines delivery service, and gives them more time to focus on the overall dining experience

Breweries will also find that the right contactless POS reduces labor costs while raising profits in the following ways:

  • Transaction Rate — Breweries that adopt a contactless ordering system can process more sales during peak times.
  • Bigger Orders — Customers may be more inclined to add on to their order when they don’t have to flag down waitstaff. With GoTab, contactless orders are 23% larger than ones placed at the counter.

Experience the GoTab Impact Yourself

Contactless ordering is a great way to improve your brewery’s ability to provide first-rate customer service.

And GoTab’s secure, customizable solution makes online ordering easier for customers and breweries. How much easier? Our clients process three to five times the number of transactions compared to businesses that use a standard POS.

Our services give businesses better control over their presentation and branding, and customers enjoy our contactless business model more than the standard method of waiting in line to pay.

Ready to take your brewery technology to the next level? Schedule a free demo, and we’ll help you get started!


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