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Why Contactless Ordering and Payment Is the Future of the Brewery Industry

When it comes to craft beer, innovation is the name of the game. From heritage hops to specialty aging barrels and beyond, you’re always trying to provide a fresh customer experience. But no matter how delicious your beers, your brewery’s future also depends on your customer service experience. What’s good for guests is good for business. And contactless ordering and payment at your brewery is the next frontier of excellence in the food and drink industry.

In this short guide, we’ll cover the advantages of contactless ordering for breweries and explain how to upgrade your brewery offerings with contactless ordering.

Benefits For Customers: Better Service

In a recent survey, 56% of diners said that they want restaurants to continue offering contactless dining options. That’s because they already feel the benefits, which include:

  • Greater satisfaction with orders – When people put in their own orders on their own mobile device, there’s less risk of errors caused by confusion, mishearings, or misunderstandings. Plus, patrons using a contactless technology platform can also see photos of menu items and feel less rushed in making their decisions.
  • Faster service – 80% of diners want restaurants to continue offering more outdoor seating. While the link between outdoor dining and contactless ordering may at first glance seem inconsequential, it’s especially important for breweries. Guests won’t have to flag down their server. Instead, breweries that utilize large spaces can more quickly and conveniently serve guests who input orders and additions from their phones.
  • Ability to order throughout one’s visit – When customers have the option of adding to their order without hassle, they do. Some platforms even offer tabs that allow parties to split bills easily.

Benefits For Breweries: Better Profits and Time Management

A platform designed to make customers more comfortable and have a better overall dining experience must also have a direct positive impact on the business itself. Staff and management see benefits, such as:

  • Increased tips – Our smart tipping model replaces a routinely complicated and time-consuming task, and makes tip distribution among staff a fairer and easier process. We also provide a dynamic pricing tool that allows operators to swiftly and seamlessly adjust menu items and their associated prices.
  • Increased purchase amounts – Combining the ease of use and pleasing aesthetic of a contactless system with the ability to easily order more beers, for example, increases the likelihood that guests will spend more.
  • Order throttling – Many breweries that had the option decided to implement takeout and delivery orders during the pandemic. The ability to easily manage how many orders are accepted within a certain period of time is important for ensuring quality and timeliness.

Benefits For Everyone: Mutual Satisfaction

The overlapping benefits mean that some aspects of this technology can be appreciated by both brewery management and the guests that they serve. Some of these benefits include:

  • Ability to address customer issues – Guests can note their concerns via comments. Likewise, servers can address those concerns on the spot rather than in a response to an angry online review. It’s an opportunity to build the relationship rather than wait for it to break down.
  • Safety – For many consumers, choosing a restaurant based on whether it’s following health and safety guidelines is still a priority. People have always wanted to feel as though the place they’ve chosen to consume food and drink will take all necessary precautions when preparing and presenting orders. Contactless dining and payment puts an even greater emphasis on that. Additionally, servers deserve to feel safe at work. Contactless ordering reduces and speeds up interactions, creating a healthy environment.
  • Streamlined process – Contactless systems create an intuitive flow between FOH employees, the customer, and BOH employees. There is less time spent waiting around, more clear communication from the consumer, and better results.

Meeting People Where They Are, For What They Want and Need

Perhaps the most all-encompassing benefit of improving your brewery payment technology is the customer’s option of using it. Different POS system types might once have only been identified in the variation between walk-up and table service settings; now there are as many options as there are types of consumers.

Not all customers want the same thing. A brewery that incorporates contactless ordering and payment can establish itself as a place that is both modern and classic. If guests are more interested in ordering from their phones or a tablet, they can. If they still prefer the standard pad-and-pen service, they can get that too. A brewery incorporating contactless features ensures that even the guests that don’t choose to use them benefit from increased speed and efficiency.

GoTab: The Future of Contactless Brewery Ordering

Like all businesses, your brewery’s success depends on your ability to meet the challenges of the present, and anticipate the future. When choosing a contactless point-of-sale (POS) system, it’s essential to partner with a forwarding-facing POS provider. For more information on how to use a No-POS system in the brewery industry, contact us today!

GoTab is an all-digital, easily integratable technology that makes contactless ordering and payment accessible for breweries.

In 2016, we recognized that consumers want to feel taken care of—in a timely and safe manner. Since then, we’ve been developing solutions that enable customers to place orders, make comments, and split tabs—all with convenience and security.

Ready to take your brewery technology to the next level? Request a demo today to learn more about GoTab and how we’re changing the world of contactless ordering.


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