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Pandemic Driven Tech Solutions Bring Additional Benefits To Restaurant Industry​

If there has been a silver lining to the pandemic, it is the burst of technological advancements that the hospitality industry has been yearning and demanding for years. As mentioned in the National Restaurant Association, a full one out of two diners are wanting restaurants to adopt more technology, mainly in the order and payment process.

Online Ordering

Prior to 2020, the independent restaurant space didn’t have as big of a technological footprint as it does now. 

As discussed in this Cleveland Scene article, restaurant operators have Covid to thank for ushering in the next big advancements in hospitality technology. Restaurants had to quickly find a way to operate with almost zero face-to-face interaction at the onset of the pandemic. Implementing this however seemed tricky and daunting. Operators who want to leave all those complex technological details and startup expenses to someone else are now able to explore new partnerships with up and coming hospitality tech solutions, like GoTab. GoTab’s seamless features are heavy on online ordering, curbside pick-up, and delivery.

Returning to Dining Rooms

The focus of what a dining experience should be shifted to all things “touchless.”  Digital menus, contactless payment options, and cloud based ordering became the new fashion. The popularity of QR codes to pay and order grew extensively.

With GoTab’s QR-based online ordering and payment processing, you have the flexibility to adjust your service model based on your guest preferences and staffing levels. Even allowing for easy menu and inventory management. 

“While there is a minor learning curve for employees at the outset, the system cuts down on mistakes, mix-ups and omissions between servers and the bar and kitchen. What’s more, the ability of the servers to accept payment anywhere in the restaurant means never having to hand over your credit card […] Like everything with Covid, the idea of taking and keeping a credit card and then bringing it back, with the guest not knowing where it’s been and who touched it, it almost seems old-fashioned overnight[.]”

The Future of Dining In

At the end of the day, client preferences control how a restaurant will run its business. For example, Butcher and the Brewer, a brewpub in Cleveland Ohio was able to adapt their business model to better serve guests while also keeping things contactless.

Thanks to GoTab, a customer can order a beer from anywhere in the building and receive a notification when it’s ready and waiting at the bar. For those seated at a table, the QR code-based system lets food runners know precisely where to go when it’s ready. Benefits for the restaurant include the ability to serve more people with fewer staff, increase pay (thus retain employees) and operate a more sanitary,  cashless business.

“This has vastly improved our ability to get food and drink to you in a quicker time so you can get out the door and head to your event in a timely manner, even when we are short staffed,” says partner Jason Workman.

But how exactly does this system work? Schedule your free demo today to see how GoTab is the solution to your restaurant technology needs.

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