How to Select Contactless Technologies

Implementing the Right Technologies to Make Your Restaurant Contactless

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Veteran food and drink writer Erika Lenkert recently authored a detailed overview on how to decide on the right technologies to support contactless dining. GoTab was the only complete contactless ordering and payment solution featured in the piece, although Lenkert mentions us specifically around contactless ordering.

Couple uses GoTab to place a contactless order at a restaurant.

“Self-serve Opportunities Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Film”

Lenkert writes, “While digital menus are the low-hanging fruit of minimizing contact, recent technology goes a lot further. Today’s self-serve opportunities are straight out of a sci-fi film. For example, digital service provider GoTab offers QR code functionality that allows users to browse menu selections, order, and even share or split the bill, calculate the tip, and keep the tab open until they’re ready to close it out. According to the company, the platform is used by hundreds of restaurants, including those owned by famed chef José Andrés.”

You can view the full article, including some important guidance on designing contactless menus too at Implementing the Right Technologies to Make Your Restaurant Contactless.

Learn about GoTab’s Contactless Menus.

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