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Check out the latest Podcast episode from Restaurant Technology Guys podcast featuring GoTab CEO, Tim McLaughlin

It’s not often we have a chance to spend an hour getting a candid view of how GoTab has impacted one of our operator’s business.That’s why the latest Restaurant Technology Guys podcast is so special.

Kevin Hamilton, founder of Bay Area’s Canyon Club Brewery joined GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin and Jordan Boesch, CEO of 7shifts to discuss how he’s using our technologies to sustain and grow his business while improving the guest experience at his venue. 

Kevin offers a unique perspective as a 25 year veteran of the industry. He started investing in different breweries 10 years ago, and, ironically, decided to launch his own brewery & restaurant in late 2019. While the timing couldn’t have been worse in some respects, Kevin lands with an optimistic view of his business and a focus on where the industry is going after what the last 18 months presented.

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Check out the latest episode of The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast, featuring GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin. You can stream the episode on SoundCloud now!

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GoTab x Canyon Club Brewery

According to Kevin, “We adopted GoTab at the beginning of the pandemic  in early 2020 and it was just a no brainer for us.” With a very large restaurant and beer garden that spans about ¼ of an acre, they had two concerns: staffing such a large space is expensive, plus their staff expressed concerns about interacting with hundreds of people.  “We put [GoTab] in place and it transformed our business overnight.” It was scary to think “we have to change everything to do this” but once we implemented it, it solved the problem we were looking at, but honestly, it solved like 15 problems we didn’t even know we had.

We are keeping GoTab, and I’m not a GoTab salesman, there are many things about it I didn’t know I needed.

When you close out your tab, you’re asked 5 questions about the experience. That gets put into an email. The management team gets an email every night with a red dot, a green dot, or a yellow dot. Imagine that you get an email every night with reviews from 70% of your guests. We joke that we scan for the red dots. For one, it keeps people off yelp. They feel that they were heard. It gives me an opportunity to reach out directly.

We do get comments occasionally like ‘can’t wait for you to bring back servers’. I respond to them and say, actually that we get such good feedback from this new way of business it’s really helping our restaurants. 90 percent of guests are like “this new way of going out to eat is awesome for me. I’m in complete control of my order.”

“My guess is this technology is going to be the future of my style of brewery restaurant. If you’re not willing to learn it, you’re going to have a rough decade of going out to eat.”

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We’re a very large restaurant, our beer garden is about 1/4 of an acre. We have a lot of staff and staff costs are the biggest costs for us.

– Kevin Hamilton, Founder of Bay Area’s Canyon Club Brewery

Canyon Club Outdoor Patio

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