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GoTab Expands Contactless Technology Beyond Hospitality

Offering a comprehensive product with a unique set of features for countless types of operations

GoTab is known for its contactless ordering and payment capabilities. But GoTab is now more than contactless ordering and payment. Today, GoTab provides full restaurant commerce platform capabilities. The platform is now lending its contactless capabilities to new venues like grocery stores, gas stations, golf courses, and more. According to a recent study by American Express, 70% of their merchants said customers have asked for contactless payments. This proves that consumer adoption of contactless ordering systems is here to stay. 

A compelling one-stop shop for all transaction needs, GoTab bridges the gap between guests and operators. It provides adaptable ecommerce solutions for the real world. GoTab differentiates itself by a unique set of features. The features are created around the proprietary tab functions, and integrations with partners such as MarginEdge, 7shifts, and Omnivore. 

Lean, Profitable Operations — Agile Responsive Support

GoTab’s responsiveness and flexibility also set it apart. The team constantly listens and deploys system modifications and customizations to support new channels and operators’ specific needs. GoTab works for all kinds of operators, from large and mid-sized restaurants, breweries, and bars, to hotels and grocery stores. Operators provide feedback continuously, which GoTab utilizes to improve the platform’s functions and capabilities. 

Adapting to Fast-Changing Consumer Demands

Since its creation in 2016, GoTab has been at the forefront of innovation. They’ve created new solutions to help customers evolve and diversify (ghost kitchen, curbside pickup/delivery, pop-up grocery store, etc.). With contactless payment already in place, the cloud-based platform launched contactless ordering in 2018. Since then, GoTab multiplied its functions and features, helping operators pivot or expand their operations to find new revenue streams. A hospitality visionary, GoTab is transforming service models. These new models bring options for scalability to hundreds of national, regional and local full-service customer accounts.

Setting and Achieving New Standards in Hospitality and eCommerce

GoTab has carved its own niche in the competitive world of contactless technology. It sets new standards for guests and operators alike, and creates new expectations from customers and business owners. As 2020 comes to an end, the GoTab team is anticipating challenges that operators will face in 2021 and beyond. With the wide adoption of contactless technology in restaurant, eatertainment, and hotel POS systems, GoTab is working with operators across other industries. The goal is to provide safe, scalable, profitable customer experiences. 

About GoTab, Inc.

GoTab, Inc., a Restaurant Commerce Platform (RCP), is helping large- and mid-sized restaurants, breweries, bars, hotels and other venues run lean, profitable operations while making guests even more satisfied. GoTab uniquely allows patrons to order and pay through a server (without a smartphone), or order and pay directly from their own mobile phones, or blend the two experiences all on one tab, through its easy-to-use mobile point-of-sale (POS), contactless ordering and payment features, and kitchen management systems (KMS). The guest never has to download a mobile app or create a password. Operators get industry-leading features and actionable data that can be rapidly deployed and adapted to their unique requirements for dramatically reduced costs. Founded in 2016 and based in Arlington, Virginia, GoTab serves hundreds of national, regional and local full-service accounts in over 35 U.S. states. Learn more at https://about.gotab.io/en

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