GoTab Helps Improve Business Operations For Queen Mother’s Ghost Kitchen

GoTab Helps improve Business operations for Queen Mother's Ghost Kitchen Space



As Hell’s Kitchen Season 3 Winner Chef Rahman “Rock” Harper became the first tenant of new restaurant incubator space The Cafe by La Cocina in December. He was under pressure to get his famed fried chicken sandwich shop Queen Mother’s up and running. With a new ghost kitchen space and a plan to focus on takeout and limited dine-in operations. Chef Harper enlisted the help of GoTab’s fast, flexible, and affordable restaurant commerce platform to manage all contactless orders and payments.

Seamless & Fast Set Up

In just a few days, he had the ability to start taking orders and serve his signature sandwiches to his Northern VA clientele for lunch and dinner. With no extra hardware needed and equipped with his own iPad, he was able to navigate the user-friendly platform. When he eventually added a printer to facilitate expediting orders in the kitchen,  GoTab’s customer success team helped ensure everything was running smoothly.

Restaurant-Ready Features

As soon as Chef Harper started operating Queen Mother’s from The Cafe at La Cocina, he embraced and took full advantage of the restaurant-ready features GoTab offers. 

Customize menus in real-time Chef Harper customized his menu in real-time, with photos of his popular fried chicken sandwiches and detailed descriptions of menu items, and plans to add videos soon.

Track sales and inventory Chef Harper has the ability to 86 items during the service rush, which automatically updates the menu in real-time. As a one-man operation, managing both the kitchen and the ordering counter at the same time, he very much enjoys having the ability to refund and adjust checks in real time via GoTab on his iPad, allowing him to address customers’ requests quickly and seamlessly. 


Affordable Technology

“I’ve been recommending GoTab to other Chefs who have small operations and look for low-cost solutions for contactless ordering and payment,” said Chef Harper. “Compared to the other platforms that currently exist for hospitality operators, GoTab is by far the most affordable with some of the best features created specifically for restaurant operations.”

“You can tell that GoTab was created by people who have a hospitality background and fully understand how a restaurant operates. The features we have access to as operators are exactly what we need to run our kitchen operations and appropriately serve our takeout and dine-in customers.”

– Chef Rock Harper,  Owner of Queen Mother’s Restaurant 

GoTab currently offers free activation and 24-hour setup for curbside pickup and delivery

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