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QSR Mazine – Moving Beyond Covid – 3 Ways to Accelerate Innovation

QR Code Ordering – One of Three Ways Restaurants Can Accelerate Innovation

GoTab was featured in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Magazine’s recent article that looks at how restaurants can accelerate innovation post-COVID.

“According to a widely cited psychology study, it takes an average of 66 days for a behavior to become permanent. What once were pandemic-driven paths to economic recovery in the restaurant industry are now customer-driven expectations—with no signs of slowing down. To survive revenue disruption and other financial challenges, restaurants need to find ways to adapt into the technology-driven future of meal ordering and delivery that seems to be here to stay.”

Cristin O’Hara, Writer

GoTab’s Restaurant Commerce Platform was created to give hospitality operators the tools they need to rapidly adapt. O’Hara specifically refers to our QR code ordering & payment solution in the article. Our platform supports all three: “Crack the QR Code”; “Embrace Contactless Everything”; and, “Adopt a Mobile-First Approach.”

GoTab was established in 2016. From our inception, we’ve taken a mobile-first approach to our platform. We’re the only QR-code ordering system with native features for opening a digital tab, sharing and splitting the tab and tips, and keeping the tab open until it’s time to leave. And because our system was designed to be contactless from day one, guests and operators find it exceedingly easy to adopt and use. 

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