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Podcast Recap: The Impact Of Technology On The Restaurant And Hospitality Industry

Check out this podcast episode from Future of Humanity featuring GoTab’s CEO Tim McLaughlin

Anand Anandalingam, has been the Dean of business schools at two different universities- The University of Maryland, and Imperial College London. He worked for several decades on the interface of technology and business. In this episode of the Technology and the Future of Humanity, the CEO of GoTab, Tim McLaughlin, speaks about the transformation of the hospitality industry because of the emerging technologies.

“There’s a lot that we do outside of the scope of simply ordering a beer, a big part of what we do is setting expectations. We are constantly asking the question- what would a human do if a human were talking to this guest, what expectation would they be setting that we need to make sure we’re pushing that message”.

Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

“In a restaurant, you go and order a burger. Now what you don’t know is that there’s a party downstairs that fills the kitchen, and they have no room for burgers on the grill. If you order the burger, you’ll be annoyed that you’re sitting there 30 minutes waiting for your food. However, with GoTab you can see that there is a delay, that it will take 30 minutes to receive a burger. This sets the expectation, you understand that there is a delay and don’t mind waiting, or you can order something else that would not take 30 minutes to receive”.

Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

“Humans are super adaptable in ways that machines are not, and one of the things about hospitality is things go wrong all the time. That’s why restaurants are still dependent on people, because people are incredibly flexible and dynamic. People actually aren’t good at repetitive jobs, they are very good at dynamic jobs”.

Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

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