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Paving The Way For A Post-Pandemic Dining Experience

Maketto changed it’s service Model to Contactless Dining

In a recent segment from DC CW News, GoTab’s VP of operations, Gerard Hampton, and Maketto’s Director of Sales, Keem Hughley highlight GoTab’s contactless ordering system. Showcasing how mobile payments are changing the way hospitality business is functioning and how many operators are gaining a competitive advantage over others that choose to not to do so.

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How GoTab Helps Your Business

GoTab offers a digital menu platform that is innovative, well-supported, and looking toward the future of menu management technology. The platform has helped many customers alike feel safer while dining, but has also kept the restaurant business afloat. Now more than ever, restaurants need the flexibility to change on-the-fly, add 86 items, and ensure you’re offering a menu that appeals to your guests.

Being that GoTab is not a blanket system that each restaurant uses, rather has the ability of being customizable when needed for each business partner. It is as simple as contacting your GoTab representative and working on creating a system that works best for your businesses needs!

Maketto and GoTab

With a large, communal space that combines retail, restaurant and cafe experiences, Maketto is a unique marketplace that welcomes guests all day in Washington, D.C. providing their front-of-house staff with a seamless solution to scale operations based on dine-in and takeout demand.

In addition to monitoring the guest experience and tracking front-of-house  through the KDS on tablets, the Maketto team uses the menu function to create a section dedicated to special requests from guests. This then allows for a better communication with guests through GoTab and ensured customer satisfaction.

GoTab enables you to deliver the highest caliber customer service by allowing guests to choose when they order, what they order, and when and how they settle up the tab.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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