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Opening and Sharing GoTab’s Digital Tab

Communal Dining is Back

A Return to Communal dining

As communal hospitality returns, we’ve got the perfect GoTab feature to make the entire experience flow like a well-tuned orchestra: The GoTab Digital Tab. “GoTabs” are the perfect complement to an evening out with friends, a family gathering or a corporate event. 

The Problem with Some QR Code Ordering Systems

Most QR code ordering platforms associate a unique QR with a single table or location. Here’s how they work: Guest One scans the QR, opens a tab, and places their orders. Servers deliver the food & beverage to Guest One’s assigned table. The problem with this approach is if Guest One forgets to close the tab at the end of the visit. Guest Two sits at the table where Guest One has left an open tab and is either blocked from ordering, or has their order associated with the Guest One’s tab. Both guests have a horrible experience, and the venue could be stuck with an orphan, unpaid tab.

What Makes “GoTabs” Better

GoTab uses table- or location-QR codes too. But GoTabs are unique to a single mobile device. That means the digital tab is only accessible to the mobile device owner. So even if Guest One leaves the venue without closing their tab, Guest Two at the same table can simply scan the same QR and open their own tab. Guest Two can never access Guest One’s tab. To Guest Two, it’s as if Guest One was never there. Problem solved!

Now, because the GoTab is associated with Guest One’s mobile device, it’s essentially a digital tab in the cloud. This opens a world of flexibility. 

First, Guest One can share their tab with anyone in their party via a text link, or a QR code on their mobile device. Tabs can be shared with virtually an unlimited number of guests. Guest One’s party can order on their tab. Guest One can pay the entire tab directly on a single card, split the payment across multiple cards, or split the payment across multiple guests. FOH and BOH staff with the proper GoTab permissions can access Guest One’s GoTab. 

Second, using GoTab’s POS, staff can add to Guest One’s GoTab. So in the scenario where a server stops by for a table touch and suggests another drink or dish, they can easily add to Guest One’s tab without disrupting the party’s flow. 

Third, because GoTab verifies the mobile device and payment before even the first order is placed, walkouts are virtually eliminated. Even if a guest leaves without closing their tab, the venue can close it out at the end of the night themselves.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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