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Nashville Restaurant Radio Podcast

Check out the latest Podcast episode from Nashville Restaurant Radio featuring GoTab’s CEO, Tim McLaughlin

Brandon Styll, host of Nashville Restaurant Radio Podcast, is joined by GoTab’s CEO Tim McLaughlin. Brandon is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and hospitality consultant and has spent 25 years working in the Nashville restaurant scene. The vision behind NRR Podcast is to connect the hospitality community through sharing stories, ideas, successes, and failures.

In this episode, Tim talks about the amazing suite of technology that is GoTab and how it can help you increase profitability by using your data intentionally. Think about how your guests interact with your restaurant, GoTab is able to use algorithms to help guests make a selection based on what they like. The technology allows the guest to place their own orders and allows your team to be of greater assistance.

“More than 50% of the population was born without the Internet. These people are the future, and they are fiercely independent. The future is on your phone, and GoTab’s technology is the future. Restaurants should adopt the technology to get ahead and be prepared for when the future becomes the present”.

– Brandon Styll, Host of NRRP

“Every restaurant does delivery whether you know it or not. The shortest type of delivery is counter service. If you are delivering to a table, that still is delivery. There are costs when it comes to interacting with that table. No other POS considers the cost and the efficiency of taking food to a table like we do. GoTab has reduced food run time and delivery cost by about 15%”.

– Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

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“Two words that come to mind when I think about GoTab are frictionless and intentional, because when you go to a table and a server takes an order and puts it in there is nothing created. But if the guest does it themselves, then a personalized experience is created”.

– Brandon Styll, Host of NRRP
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