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Latest From GoTab

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Using QR Codes at Your Next Sporting Event

Displaying a menu, scanning an event ticket, and opening up a GPS map to pinpoint your destination—QR codes can do it all. Read more about using them at your sporting event.


Daily Reports To Help You Plan

This feature allows you to receive a detailed insight report delivered right to your inbox on a daily basis. It provides a snapshot of your daily sales, product mix, projected sales, fulfillment times and guest reviews.

The Fate of All Those QR Codes at Restaurants

QSR Magazine writes that restaurant tech needs to evolve if QR codes are going to be more than a pandemic fad. GoTab is highlighted as a company to watch who is doing just that.

Restaurant Technology Guys podcast

Tune in to the latest Restaurant Technology Guys podcast! Host Jeremy Julian talked with GoTab CEO, Tim McLaughlin to discuss navigating through the restaurant industry.

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