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Paper in the Kitchen

It’s Time to Eliminate the “Paper is Simpler” Mentality in Food Service

The food industry is one of the only remaining industries that still operates on paper. Give it a try: name another prominent industry that has yet to embrace technology. I think about the server who jots down food orders on a notepad and disappears to input the drinks and dishes ordered in the restaurant’s POS system.

Top 6 Commerce Platforms All Major Events Need

Digital solutions have changed the way individuals and businesses interact. Modern technologies empower event planners to turn any game, concert, or large gathering into a well-orchestrated experience.


Top 4 Commerce Platforms All Sporting Events Need

The technology that has blossomed over the last few years has transformed the stadium experience for the better. We’ve brought together the top four commerce platforms to improve guest experience.

December Holiday Recipes 2021

Holiday season is officially here and if you ask us. No need to search for delicious recipes this year, because we have everything you need!

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