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Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

Restaurant Software That keeps your customers safe & business Booming What if you could offer your customers the ability to open their own tabs, split checks, pay, and leave tips using contactless technology at their

How Stone Brewing Co. Delivers a Personalized Guest Experience

GoTab operator, Stone Brewing Co. is the largest brewery in Southern California with two restaurants and four taprooms located in the region. Gregg Frazer, VP of Hospitality, sat down with Joanna Fantozzi at Restaurant Hospitality to talk about How Stone Brewing Co. is making convenience technology a personalized guest experience.

PYMNTS.com GoTab Menu Redesign

GoTab’s Menu Redesign Brings Personalization To Contactless Ordering PYMNTS.com interviewed GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlinto learn about our new approach to redesigning our digital menus. This insightful piece keys in on an important downstream benefit of

Growing Popularity of Digital Menus

Fortune.com Explores the Growing Popularity of Digital Menus Will the pandemic finally get Americans to embrace QR codes? Fortune.com’s story on the widespread adoption of QR codes and digital menus makes prominent mention of GoTab,

Biz Talk Arlington Tech Innovation

Arlington’s Innovation Economy Had Notable Year Despite Pandemic Last month we were honored to get some great hospitality tech innovation notoriety locally from the folks over at ARLNow. ARLnow.com covers the latest news, views and

Outdoor Dining Preparations Begin for the Coming Winter Months

Winter dining is looking very different this year. Restaurants and breweries are keeping their outdoor dining areas open during the winter months to accommodate guests while restrictions are limiting operators’ seating capacity. Restaurants are investing

WUSA9: Restaurants Rely on Contactless Ordering

With Latest Interview, GoTab Featured in Every Major DC Broadcast Outlet WUSA9’s Marcella Robertson recently interviewed GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin and Paul Carlson, owner of LuLu’s Wine Garden. We couldn’t be more grateful for what

Espita Outdoor Dining

EConsultancy: QR Codes Enabling Innovation in 2020

GoTab Contactless Ordering and Payment for Restaurants Featured Among Healthcare, Hotel and Social Media Applications Econsultancy Deputy Editor Rebecca Sentance’s recent piece on QR codes showcased GoTab contactless ordering and payment for restaurants. From healthcare,

GoTab Embraces New Wave of D.C. Dining

District Fray’s Editor Monica Alford interviewed GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin back in July. Monica and Tim spent time talking about GoTab’s origin story and our future plans. They discussed the D.C. dining scene after Monica

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