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Improving Your Brewery Payment Technology

As your successful brewery grows, so do the needs of your customers. Rigid and outdated payment technology can hold your business back from providing quality service. But, how can you improve your payment technology without breaking the bank or disrupting the flow of business?

The solution is simple: upgrade to a cloud-based payment system. With contactless ordering for breweries, customers can browse your menu, order, and pay all from their smartphones. And digital integration becomes seamless since you won’t have to buy expensive hardware and software to replace your current brewery POS system.

Interested in learning more about why contactless ordering and payment is the future of the brewery industry? Keep reading to find out how this solution offers any brewery operation the flexibility and control they need to grow.

Contactless Payment Technology 101

Before you start shopping, you might have some more basic questions. For example, what is contactless payment and how is it possible?

Instead of having a single point-of-sale such as a cash register that all of your customers have to use, the digital approach gives customers the option to pay for their orders from their smartphones whenever they are ready with minimal server interaction.

No cash register is necessary. Instead, contactless ordering and payment at your brewery allows for multiple “points-of-sale” to service several customers at once instead of processing payments one at a time.

More specifically, customers use their smartphone cameras to scan a QR code that your business supplies (whether on tables, business cards, or both). Customers won’t have to download any apps or remember any login passwords to use them.

The QR code allows customers to:

  • View the menu
  • Text for assistance from a server
  • Customize and select their order
  • Track their orders
  • Most importantly, pay for everything with or without the assistance of a server

Their low-cost and easy-to-use nature is why Juniper Research expects by 2025 over 2.2 billion people globally will use contactless technology to make payments. Keep reading for how to upgrade your brewery offerings with contactless ordering.

Benefits for Customers

How many times has one of your customers waited in a long line to pay for their beverage, only to reach the register to find out that the card reader isn’t working properly?  Likewise, how often do you receive complaints about order mix-ups and incorrect bills?

With traditional single point-of-sale systems, several problems can occur that leave customers frustrated and staff stressed. They can even take a toll on your guest reviews. But with cloud-based payment technology, these problems are eliminated and your customer relationships are sure to prosper.

Contactless payment promises to meet all three of those needs by giving customers more control and agency. Everything from splitting the bill to last-minute dessert orders can now happen quicker and easier.

Customers will experience the following benefits:

  • Convenience – With the QR code, customers have direct access to the menu. They can pay when they’re ready without having to wait in long lines or flag down their server. In addition, they can track their orders and guarantee accuracy.
  • More payment options – Using their smartphones, customers have direct access to their orders. As an added bonus, they can choose from several payment options, including gift cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, as well as Cash, if they prefer.
  • Ease of use – All customers need for access is a smartphone camera. They can order exactly what they want and how they want it without logging in or downloading an app. There are no additional fees for usage.
  • Clear communication – Need a server? Customers can use the system to text one to their table with their questions, concerns, or compliments. Their feedback can be addressed in a more timely manner while they’re still there.

Is Contactless Payment Secure?

Contactless payment requires authentication and is encrypted to protect you and your customers. Fraud and other potential security concerns are prevented because customers have complete control over the entire transaction. Walk-outs are virtually a thing of the past.

How Customers Really Feel About Contactless Technology

Still unsure of how customers will react to this brewery software solution?

According to a global Mastercard consumer study, 82% of respondents believe contactless pay is a cleaner and faster method of payment.

The Benefits for Staff

It isn’t just customers that benefit from contactless payments.

Giving your patrons more control of the ordering and payment process means that your servers will have more availability to address specific customer concerns or issues, along with fostering those special customer relationships. Every Brewery operation runs more smoothly when servers aren’t overwhelmed as they balance customer requests, backroom tasks, and the need to input orders and swipe cards.

Next, we’ll go into more depth on some of the benefits.

Grow and Scale with Contactless Payment

One of the most impactful benefits of improving your payment technology is the ability to grow and maintain your brewery management. The contactless technology system provides the data and analytics needed to decide where to invest your energy and capital.

With the right contactless solution, you’ll gain access to:

  • Sales trends and peak sales hours – Plan your staff schedule to align with your busiest days and shifts.
  • Feedback from customers – Are your customers loving a particular brew? Noticing a missed opportunity in the layout of your brewery premises? Get their feedback and adjust!
  • Performance trends – Keep track of your best-selling brew and plan your seasonal calendar accordingly. Make adjustments to your food menu as well as your beer rotation.
  • Income and expense reports – Streamline the accounting process by using a single sales portal.

After all, more accessible data means more growth opportunities.

Increase Your Revenue

With access to logistics and information, managing the operations of your business becomes a lot easier. Now that customers can order and pay from their smartphones, your business will be able to take on even more business. This means:

  • The capacity to handle larger orders
  • More customers (without the frustration of long lines)
  • Greater customer satisfaction and better reviews
  • No additional fees when you transition

Being able to handle more customers because of contactless technology means being able to bring in more revenue. This can then be reinvested in other parts of your business.

Cultivate a Distinct Brand Image

Brand image is key to your brewery, from the design of your bottles to the interior space itself. Transitioning to contactless payment technology includes the chance to invest in your brand’s image. Your new digital menu is a great opportunity to bolster your brand’s image.

Aim for the following:

  • Cohesion – When everything from your website to the layout of your brewery follows the same theme or color scheme, customers see your business as being well-organized and polished. Make sure your digital menu accords with your brand personality.
  • Depth of information – While you might have chosen a slim one-pager for your physical menu, going digital allows you the opportunity to provide more in-depth information on your beers. Include tasting notes, alcohol-by-volume (ABV), brewing process, and all the other information that can captivate your customers’ imaginations.

Take advantage of contactless payment technology and money you’ll save transitioning by investing in your image.

Leverage Your Sales Portal to Build Social Credibility

Upgrading your technology from the typical POS system provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your digital presence beyond your online menu. First, use your menu to provide:

  • A rewards or loyalty program
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Links to external review sites such as Yelp

As an incentive, offer discounts for customers who write a review or complete a survey. That way you’ll be able to gain substantial feedback while a customer wins a discounted meal. Then, promote these positive reviews on your social media platforms.

The Time to Improve is Now

The unexpected nature of the pandemic caught many businesses by surprise. It also showed how game-changing flexible technology can be. Surveying small businesses, Visa found that:

  • 82% of small businesses have adjusted their operations towards a more digital approach, partly because it’s a cost-effective option.
  • 44% of small businesses agree that contactless payment is the right investment when it comes to the customer.

Responding to the pandemic, businesses globally are making the switch to contactless payment to address customer’s concerns around safety.

Likewise, it can help you save money on paper receipts, outdated technology. And besides these savings, you can actually expect to boost sales thanks to increased efficiency within the brewing industry.

What’s stopping you?

Take The First Step with GoTab

There is no better time to start improving your technology than right now. You’ll be able to prioritize the health and safety of your customers without sacrificing the quality service you provide.

While transitioning to new technology is exciting, it can also be confusing, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. Even though contactless payment is designed to be easy to use and to integrate seamlessly with your current technology, it can still have you feeling in over your head.

However, knowing where to start is the most important first step. And GoTab is all about helping your brewery run efficiently and quickly on day 1 of your new payment system.

Our contactless payment system will perfectly integrate with your business without any disruptions. We understand that technology is supposed to make running your business easier, not harder.

Ready to take your brewery technology to the next level? Request a demo with us and see for yourself.


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