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How to Use a No-POS System in the Sports Industry

The sports industry poses a uniquely complex set of needs for point of sale (POS) systems.

Sports venues including arenas, stadiums, courses, and racetracks are built to accommodate large numbers of enthusiasts, often with vastly different tastes in food and drink. Sports fans want to enjoy their concessions without unnecessary friction distracting from the reason they’re really there, whether it’s the ball, horse, puck, or car.

Legacy point-of-sale systems simply don’t offer enough flexibility to meet these varying demands without undue delay. That’s where a No Point-of-Sale (No-POS) system comes in.

In this short guide, we’ll explain how to implement a No-POS in the sports industry.

Step 1: Analyze the Benefits

Given everything you have to track and manage at your venue, the very idea of a No-POS system might sound like it’s coming out of left field.

Why would you do away with the system that keeps everything up and running?

Simply put, a No-POS system means that there is no reliance on a single point of sale. Instead, customers can place orders and make payments from their own smartphones, opening up the potential for limitless points of sale.

A No-POS system puts purchasing in the hands of the fans, thus upgrading the experience of a traditional platform while increasing efficiency, versatility, and user satisfaction.

You’ll be able to resolve some of the major issues with a traditional POS:

  • Long lines – Sports venues are known for winding lines at the cash register. And due to limitations on physical space and the need for smooth traffic, you can only accommodate so many points of sale. In contrast, a No-POS system eliminates the need for lines anywhere but the restroom.
  • Poor customer service  – Long lines often lead to less-than-perfect service. Guests can’t read the menu from the back, much less ask questions. However, a No-POS system empowers them to ask questions and resolve problems before and after their order.

With a QR code-based system, you can receive orders and payments via smartphones without requiring your customers to download an app. Most importantly, your system can work for you—rather than the other way around.

That’s the beauty of no single point of sale. It increases purchases by offering your guests the hospitality they want when they want it.

Step 2: Choose Your No-POS System

When it comes to sports venues, there are many people to consider: players, coaches, fans, and support staff. You need a system that can adapt to the changing needs of everyone present.

To that end, look for a system with the following features.

Menu Customization

It should be easy for vendors to make adjustments to their menus in real-time depending on the kitchen’s needs.

Look for a solution with an easy-to-use backend interface and highly customizable branded menus.

Hybrid Ordering

A hybrid ordering model allows customers to choose between picking up their food and having it delivered.

A system with zone capabilities and routing technology can enable delivery people to offer fast and reliable service to an entire stadium of hungry sports fans.

Multi-Merchant Ordering

Sports venues offer a wide variety of vendors. This variety is a great way to provide audience members with what they want to eat and drink. Still, it can be time-consuming for fans who want something of everything without spending the entire game waiting in line.

When you implement a No-POS system, sports fans can order food and drink from various vendors all in one transaction. They don’t have to wait in long lines (if at all). And they have the opportunity to peruse options from every merchant at once.

Step 3: Use Data to Plan for The Future

Restaurants have been catching onto the fact that the fewer obstacles between a customer and their food, the easier it is to order more. Sports venues aren’t far behind.

You know that the more you can tailor your fans’ experiences to them, the happier they’ll be.

And whether your customers choose to order on their smartphones (as most do) or pay the old-fashioned way, you’ll find all the purchasing data you need in one place. You can use this data to:

  • Plan your staffing schedule around periods of peak demand
  • Manage menus and future inventory orders
  • Run sales and promotions at appropriate times

GoTab’s Winning Platform

The sports industry knows the importance of versatility well.

With the flexibility that GoTab’s No-POS system offers, you can provide sports enthusiasts with what they want when they want it—all with the simple act of scanning a QR code.

From contactless payments to up-to-date menus, the up-sides of GoTab’s secure No-POS system are limitless. Likewise, our easy-to-use hardware and software-free solutions require minimal lead time to implementation.

Request a demo today. The fans will thank you as they spend less time at the concession stands and more time in their seats enjoying the game.


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