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How to Use a No-POS System in the Brewery Industry

You own a brewery, you’re short-staffed, and crowds are piling in. With a standard point of sale (POS) system, your customers have to get a server’s attention to open a tab for their party. As more people arrive, customer’s wait time increases, and the servers are swamped. Worst of all, the line at the door never seems to stop growing, no matter how fast the server swipes their guests’ credit cards.

Sounds like a very stressful day at work. Consequently, the brewery faces bad reviews that day, all complaining about the wait time and poor service.

The solution? A no-point-of-sale (No-POS) system. Utilizing a No-POS software system, or a contactless ordering for breweries, allows guests to order directly from their phone, open and close their own tabs, and share with their party. In this short guide, we’ll explain why contactless ordering and payment is the future of the brewery industry.

No-POS for Opening a Tab

In the typical brewery, hundreds of transactions are being made every day, which is why improving your brewery payment technology can be extremely beneficial. Using a No-POS system for transactions helps increase efficiency and profit while being easy to operate.

And a No-POS system can streamline every step of your customers’ experience, starting with the moment they open a bar tab.

  • Guests can start their own bar tab by scanning a QR code provided at each table and adding items to their cart. With the right No-POS system, they can even ask specific questions about your drafts and bottles within the online ordering process.
  • Have guests who’d like some face-to-face interaction? Similar to a standard POS system, the server can also open a tab for the guest.

To streamline all parts of the ordering and payment process, look for a No-POS solution that allows guests to confirm their payment method before they begin online ordering and keep their tab open until they decide to close it (or until the brewery closes).

No-POS for Ordering, Enjoying, and Sharing

Your brewery’s menu can be displayed on your guests’ phones, including information such as:

  • Draft names
  • Descriptions and tasting notes
  • Alcohol-by-Volume (ABV)
  • Photos and videos

The beauty of using a No-POS system is that guests are allowed to place orders without waiting for a server to walk by. However, guests are not limited to ordering only through their mobile devices. Remember, aside from efficient service, guest interaction and customer service is also what keeps people returning! When making an order with a server, the server is able to access their tab and add to it as well.

Your brewery can expect to see benefits when guests have control over their own orders. Some studies have shown that people spend more when payments are contactless. The reasons why are intuitive—your customers can always add another pint to their order no matter how busy the waitstaff is.

Beyond this potential boon to profits, there are several other benefits of contactless ordering and payment at your brewery.

  • Easy menu modifications – Your menu can be updated and modified at any time. Just tapped a keg? Remove that menu item without disappointing your guests all day. Want to run an impromptu happy hour special? You can do that, too!
  • Tab sharing – Once a tab is opened, guests are allowed to share their tab with their party through text or QR code from their phone. Their party is also given the option to split across multiple cards, or pay only with one. Not only does this help out the servers, but it also saves on the guests’ time!

No-POS for Closing a Tab

While you may already have a tap-to-pay option at your register, a holistic No-POS solution gives guests far more payment options. For example, GoTab’s No-POS system accepts:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash

GoTab allows guests to enter their own payment information, mitigating potential security issues. Once a payment method is entered, orders may be processed. Once finished, a guest simply has to close their tab from their phone (and leave a tip). Afterward, the receipt is emailed to the guest.

Just like that, in under 30 seconds, the transaction is over—with no app download necessary!

No-POS for Take-out and Delivery

GoTab offers more than just dine-in perks. You can use the same system to process take-out and delivery orders. Just as with dine-in guests, remote customers can benefit from a two-way text, status updates of their order, and the opportunity to pay with multiple methods.

GoTab: The Champagne of No-POS Systems

As a brewery operator, your goal is streamlining customer service while providing a superior guest experience. And when it comes to security, ease-of-use, and speed, there’s no match for a No-POS system.

We designed GoTab to help the Brewery and Restaurant scene flourish. The No-POS System is guiding the Brewery Industry towards:

  • Higher customer spending
  • Better experience and hospitality
  • Lower payment processing fees
  • Improved order efficiency

With our No POS system, the options are unlimited. By integrating the old with the new, GoTab is making going out for a drink all the more desirable. Ready to take your brewery technology to the next level? Click now to Request a Demo.


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