The State of Service

Mapping the Way Forward to Better Guest Experiences

Mapping the Way Forward to Better Guest Experiences

By using mobile order & pay-at-table technology, operators can give guests more control in the hospitality experience, unlock higher sales, reduce operating costs, and provide their employees a more rewarding work experience.

Why Should Operators Care?

Operators who adapt their service model using mobile order & pay-at-table solutions achieve an average:

Where's The Pain?

Where's The Pain?

The average server spends too much time on mundane tasks that guests would be willing to do for themselves. The sad reality is that servers know it. That doesn’t make for a very fulfilling experience for employees or guests.

What’s more, for guests, every time they have to stop enjoying their meal or their drink to get help or ask or answer a question, you introduce frustration and threaten spoiling the experience.

Want to know more?

Modify Your Service Model

It’s not all or nothing.

Give your guests options – order through a server (POS) and through their phone; check-out through a server and through their phone; add to their tab through a server and
through their phone.

Contactless Ordering, Shared Tabs, and Flexible Payment

Point of Sale (POS) That Is Designed for Delivery TM

Host Display App to Simplify Payments

A Smarter Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Efficient Operations With the Manager Dashboard

Staying Connected With GoTab Integrations

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