GoTab Provides Superior Customer Service and Operations to Lawless Brewing Co.

When Ben and Whitney Wallace decided to open Lawless Brewing Co., they were entering a new landscape. As Emmy-winning producers, they were well-versed in logistics and execution, but were less familiar with hospitality operations and scaling a beer business. They turned to GoTab to aid in the ordering and POS process, and the commerce platform soon became a trusted partner in streamlining payment and ordering at their new location.

Compared to other services, GoTab provided attentive customer service, customizable technology, and the ability to run with minimal staff.

Above-And-Beyond Customer Service

In the final days before opening their North Hollywood location, the Wallaces had a last-minute change-of-heart. Their current, non-GoTab POS system didn’t allow customers to leave a tab open without leaving a card, and they needed this function to provide exceptional service during the pandemic. They contacted Director of West Coast Operations at GoTab, Ashley Frausto, and asked if a partnership was still possible. She sprang into action to order the needed equipment and train staff on the platform in time for the soft opening. Though there were additional headaches and shipping delays, Frausto maintained a positive attitude and aided them to the finish line, ensuring the Lawless team was happy and ready for the big day.

Customizable Tech

GoTab offers a text-to-guest feature that alerts customers when their beer orders are ready. Rather than having too many runners on the floor or running the risk of forgotten orders, Lawless instead has visitors get a text when their order is at the bar. This also frees up the beer experts to talk to people about the different brews and taste profiles.

“The team has helped us a lot when it comes to customizing the menu and implementing our membership rewards program,” said Ben Wallace, Owner of Lawless Brewing. “We thought it would be tough to keep track of so many phone numbers, but GoTab made it easy. Now our members can come in and get their discounts without a problem!”

Nimble Staffing

Lawless was also able to keep their staffing needs low due to GoTab’s seamless ordering capabilities, something that is crucial during the ongoing restaurant staffing shortage as states begin to reopen. As a new brewery getting on its feet, it was essential to minimize costs as much as possible. With GoTab, the large-scale brewery is able to host many more folks at once than without the technology, something Wallace is taking into consideration as restrictions on dining ease.

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Many have asked whether we’ll keep working with GoTab after California more widely opens up or return to a more traditional service model. We definitely believe we’re going to stick with GoTab due to how well it’s working during our soft launch

– Ben Wallace, Owner of Lawless BRewing

Lawless Brewing Co. is bringing a wide array of beer options to the North Hollywood neighborhood, with a special focus on pilsners and more classic brews. The Wallaces hope to provide the neighborhood with a large community gathering place and spot to kickback, something the area was sorely missing. GoTab can’t wait to continue innovating alongside them!

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