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GoTab Offers Restaurants Digital Flexibility for Unpredictable Circumstances

Restaurant technology provider GoTab, recently announced a new “smart tipping” feature to incentivize waitstaff to be more hands-on

In a recent article written by PYMNTS.com, GoTab’s new “smart tipping” feature is being highlighted for its ingenuity in disrupting the current market. While there are customers returning to restaurants, growing more comfortable with the prospect of onsite indoor dining, restaurant operators, especially independents, are still facing significant challenges. With labor shortages and supply chain disruptions forcing many restaurants to find inventive ways to do more with less.

Smart Tipping


This new feature allows restaurants to have more flexibility in the construction of their tipping structure, providing the ability to pool tips or to apportion tips per item ordered. Along with this new feature, the company also announced its “dynamic pricing” feature, an important tool as prices do fluctuate amid the many shortages and supply chain disruptions.

With the smart tipping feature, if a bartender takes a drink order, another server takes the entrée order, and the customer orders their dessert through digital ordering tools, restaurants can choose to allocate tips accordingly, with tips for self-ordered items going into the pool for all servers. By compensating servers each time they sell a menu item, the feature encourages staff to be on the lookout for sales opportunities.

“What we’re trying to do ultimately is make tips more equitable, meaning that they are good for those who work hard and provide good service, and they’re less good for those who don’t”

Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

Flexible Menu Pricing

The feature allows restaurants to adjust menu prices in response to what the demand is, much like ridesharing apps’ surge pricing models.This sort of pricing, if caught on across the restaurant industry, could mark a dramatic change in how consumers fit restaurants into their routines. While the first few use cases may be this sort of upcharge (or a discount), as operators grow increasingly accustomed to the technology, price changes may become increasingly granular.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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