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The Future of Beer: How GoTab is Changing the Way Breweries Do Business

How GoTab is changing the way breweries do business

Traditionally, a server would come to your table to write down your order. Or, perhaps the taproom employed a counter-service model where you stood in line to nab a beer from someone behind the bar. Old counter-serve model can at its maximum serve 50-60 orders every 30 minutes. With GoTab businesses hit 130 transactions within that same 30 minute period. Digital orders skip over that bottleneck, go directly to the draft line, and let a bartender immediately pour out a drink.

 With a single tap on your phone, GoTab allows you to access a brewery’s menu, place your order, ask a server for more water, put in a request for additional ketchup, pay your bill, leave a tip…you get the idea; it’s all-encompassing. Beyond the consumer safety applications of the program, GoTab has distinct advantages for a brewery’s bottom line, increasing check orders, improving Yelp reviews, creating more efficient service, and designing a better customer experience.

In a traditional restaurant model businesses typically operate with 30% food cost and somewhere between 30%-50% labor costs.

“Our most profitable venues [on GoTab] are now running with 15-20% labor cost.”

Christian Behrle, Head of Sales for GoTab

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