Our Impact

Large- and Mid-sized F&B Operators in 30+ States & Growing

Since 2016, we’ve helped savvy hospitality operators optimize their front-of-house service models using cost-effective, agile, contactless technology. Our customers include hundreds of food and beverage establishments across almost 30 states, and growing.


GoTab Makes an Impact

Results of a recent analysis of GoTab data.

Larger Order Sizes

GoTab operators see higher customer spend — 23% when compared to counter service

More Efficient Service

GoTab operators process more transactions—typically 3-5 times more at peak vs traditional POS

Better Reviews

GoTab operators see higher Yelp reviews — average ½ star higher for GoTab users

Better Experience

Customers prefer GoTab to traditional models and long lines

Use Technology and Data as a Competitive Advantage

And GoTab operators recognize that the platform allows, many for the first time, the ability to use technology and data analytics as a competitive advantage. They’re gaining greater insight and control of their end-to-end customer experience than ever before. With GoTab, operators can modernize their tech stack without having to rip and replace the investments in legacy POS systems they’ve already made. They get a complete ecommerce platform for their business that sits “over-the-top” of their existing POS.

See how our platform allows you to take control of the front-of-house.

  • Deep insights and trends in robust and easy to read dashboards.
  • Track week-by-week sales and other metrics.
  • Receive real-time customer experience feedback.
  • Get notified of staff trends including top employees and anomalies.

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