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GoTab Gift Cards

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GoTab now supports e-Gift Cards at no additional cost for operators. That means operators can now offer gift cards for purchase through their existing GoTab website. Simply add a Gift Card product for purchase, like any menu item. This makes it easy for guests to share their favorite dining experiences, even if it’s from afar.  

According to recent data from the National Retail Federation (NRF), “29% of gift card shoppers plan to purchase a card for a restaurant—the highest of any category.”   

Gift Cards Give You More Flexibility To Serve Your Guests

Guests tend to spend more when they are using a gift card, so operators gain multiple advantages. This includes benefits from reduced transaction costs to increased check sizes. 

Using gift cards you can extend your brand to new guests. Additionally, it can provide a value-added experience for your most valuable guests. For example, you can offer a membership benefit where you provide exclusive menus or inventory items to a discrete group of guests. So, when foot traffic is low, you can offer a special coupon combined with a gift card to drive net new revenue.

GoTab Gift Card Features

  • No Merchant Fees — With GoTab, pay no transaction fees upon issuance or redemption
  • Digital Only — No physical cards to manage
  • Easy for Guests to Merge or Transfer — Guests can merge cards, share them via email or QR code, or transfer them to another guest
  • Work Across Locations — Gift Cards can be used at single or multiple locations within the same restaurant group

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