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GoTab Embraces New Wave of D.C. Dining

District Fray’s Editor Monica Alford interviewed GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin back in July. Monica and Tim spent time talking about GoTab’s origin story and our future plans. They discussed the D.C. dining scene after Monica spent time with us at our DC Media Night earlier in the month.

In the early days, GoTab was developed as a point solution for a very specific service problem in breweries:

“… there’s a slow time in business when nobody’s there and then there’s the time when everybody wants to be there. But unfortunately, due to limitation of tables, seats or ability of servers to get to customers, you just [can’t accomplish] a good enough service level and not everybody gets what they want.”

Tim McLaughlin, CEO of GoTab

Today, contactless ordering and payment with GoTab is helping savvy operators on the D.C. dining scene like Barcelona Wine Bar, Espita and LuLu’s Winegarden, achieve outsized success. In a 2019 customer study, we found that GoTab operators: 

  • See higher customer spend — 23% when compared to counter service
  • Earn higher Yelp reviews — average ½ star higher for GoTab users
  • Process more transactions — typically 3-5 times more at peak versus a traditional POS

Hopes for the D.C. Dining Scene and Beyond

Tim went on to describe our plans for growth and, importantly, our hopes for GoTab operators on the D.C. dining scene and beyond. 

“Obviously, we’d grow our business but we’d also help our clients grow their businesses and recover. [We want to help them] figure out how to operate in the new world that is Covid. But candidly, this model will work beyond Covid. We’ve been doing this for four years. … We believe the restaurant business was due for some innovation,” said Tim.

The whole company cheers when we find out GoTab is helping a customer stay profitable through this challenging time. Get the full interview at GoTab Embraces New Wave of D.C. Dining.

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