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GoTab Contactless Ordering and Payment Media Night

Last month, GoTab and Moki Media teamed up to host a Contactless Ordering and Payment Media Night.

GoTab customer, Barcelona Wine Bar hosted us and our guests in Washington, DC. It was a great way to show contact free ordering at a high-end venue with a beautiful outdoor patio space.

Guests enjoyed a fun, socially-distanced, event with local media from the likes of WUSA9, EaterDC and District Fray.

GoTab Tabs and Pricing

Our guests got to see GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment process in action. All guests were able to order from a contactless menu on their mobile phones and dine on a single tab. Because the tab stayed open all night, Barcelona had just one fee for the entire transaction. GoTab is the only contactless ordering and payment platform that allows guests to run a tab. Other solutions process each purchase as a separate transaction, which increases the operator’s costs. Learn more about how our tabs and pricing work.

How Barcelona Uses GoTab Contactless Ordering and Payment

Barcelona has transformed their guest service model to make the dining experience safe and contact free. Using GoTab, guests scan the QR code on at their table and browse the contactless menu of high-quality images and descriptions. They don’t need to download an app and don’t have to wait for a server. The orders are more accurate and come to the table faster.

Servers know where to bring the food because the table location is associated with the order through GoTab. Servers get to spend more time focusing on a great dining experience.

Events are a great way to show the full benefits of our contactless ordering and contactless payment solutions. Because there are a lot of QR menus on the market, we can show the real difference in features and convenience. We look forward to doing more of them in the future.

GoTab recently introduced contactless ordering and payment features for servers. This allows operators to serve guests who still prefer the traditional ordering process of ordering through a server.

EaterDC is a popular food and beverage recommendation site in Washington DC. It was great to get a mention in their regular round-up of weekend recommendations. 

Get the full list from the DC Eater story.

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