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GoTab Changes the Way You Pay in a Restaurant

GoTab’s CEO Tim McLaughlin has been doing the rounds with local media. He’s sharing how GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment capabilities are changing the way guests pay at restaurants. Here’s why: restaurants are looking for ways to bounce back. Helping people feel safe with contactless ordering is now a standard for cleanliness and service.

Tim shared how GoTab started as a mobile payment solution in 2016. But changing the way people pay was just the beginning. We are now a full-ordering and payment platform for restaurants. Here’s what he had to say about GoTab’s vision.

“We have always thought that the restaurant experience could be better for guests. COVID just accelerated the need for what we offer … GoTab adds a lot of convenience. That means I can talk to the staff about the food and experiences they’re delivering. I can focus on the good part of the experience and ignore the mundane part like paying the check,” says Tim.

Check out the video and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Side note: This segment was planned as a Zoom call. But, as we all have come to expect, Zoom sometimes fails. Turns out, the only thing that worked was the audio. You’d never guess by watching that Tim is talking to a blank screen!

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