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All The Benefits With None Of The Commitment

We’ll get you set up in less than a week. No headaches, no stress. Our Contactless Ordering Starter Kit will equip you with Table QRs, a Kitchen Display System, and a Printer to run contactless ordering & payment at your patio or bar. 

Scale Up with Less Labor

As more consumers are venturing out for dining and entertainment, finding staff is a big challenge. Try GoTab’s QR-based order/pay-at-table solutions. We have a proven track record helping hospitality operators capture more demand with less staff.If you’re cautious about changing your operation in the current market, we get it. That’s why we created an easy way to try GoTab out. 

Try us out with no impacts to your kitchen operations. With a simple 2-week test, you’ll see for yourself how GoTab helps you scale-up and scale-down your labor, depending on demand.

What is Contactless Ordering

Trusted By:

Guinness Open Gate Brewery says GoTab helps them achieve “insane check averages”, with an increase of 75% to 100% per guest since turning to GoTab during the pandemic.

Stone Brewing, the largest brewery in Southern California, switched to GoTab and reduced labor costs by 8%

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Espita, a stylish, DC cantina, used GoTab to shave 30 minutes off dining time, doubling the amount of guests served and earning higher check averages.

Only GoTab Lets You...

... open and share digital tabs in GoTab's secure cloud.

... lower 2% transaction processing during the trial.

... free up staff from swiping cards and taking orders.

... manage and update your contactless menu in real-time.

How GoTab Helps You to Save on Labor

GoTab lets your guests order directly from their mobile device. They scan a QR code and submit their order. They never have to download an app, and GoTab knows where they are in your venue. Guests open and share tabs, order and pay.  It’s that simple.

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