Growing Popularity of Digital Menus

Fortune.com Explores the Growing Popularity of Digital Menus

Will the pandemic finally get Americans to embrace QR codes?

Fortune.com’s story on the widespread adoption of QR codes and digital menus makes prominent mention of GoTab, courtesy of Eric Martino, Chief Operating Officer at ThinkFoodGroup. In the article, Eric explains how ThinkFoodGroup made GoTab a core part of their post-lockdown reopening strategy last year.

We had to figure out how to keep people safe. People are not going to want to touch a menu, and how do we do this without having to hold a [credit] card, which puts our team in danger?

Eric Martino, ThinkFoodGroup COO Tweet
Increased Popularity of Digital Menus

Fortune shares that since March 2020, according to the National Restaurant Association, half of full-service operators have added digital menus accessed by scanning a QR code. GoTab has been a huge beneficiary of this transformation in full-service hospitality operating models. As a leading contactless dining solution, we’ve always operated from a digital menu paradigm. We’ve spent years perfecting the layout and organization of our digital menus. Honestly, we’re always improving. In fact, earlier this month we launched updates to our online ordering menus to give operators more flexibility.

Recent Updates to GoTab’s Digital Menus

Informed by menu engineering best practices and customer feedback, GoTab’s new menu features give operators the ability to easily display separate menus for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day; or unique meal times; i.e., breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner. 

GoTab operators can now highlight best-sellers or spotlight cost-efficient offerings. This translates to a dynamic display of food and beverage options, as well as a better browsing experience, leading to higher customer spend and satisfaction. Customers have the ability to search and filter based on their preferences or dietary restrictions.

Our operators are experiencing a huge transformation in guest ordering and dining preferences. We want to make it easy for them to flex their digital menus to give their guests a familiar, personalized dining experience.

Even More Flexibility for GoTab Operators

In the Fortune article, Eric explains that while ThinkFoodGroup used GoTab heavily throughout the pandemic, they also offer paper menus for guests who prefer them. GoTab is moving quickly to ensure that operators have the flexibility to offer all available options to their guests to order and pay; whether via QR code on their Android- or iOS-enabled mobile device, or through a server using the GoTab POS. Our native features that support the ability to open, share and split digital tabs works across all ordering and payment methods.

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