Farmers Restaurant Group Implements Curbside Pickup

Dan Simons, Co-owner of Founding Farmers and his business partners moved quickly to serve the pressing needs in their communities for curbside pickup. When the pandemic shut down all indoor dining in March 2020, they turned to GoTab to help them create an online system for prepared food items and grocery items like dairy and paper products. At the same time, they were able to partially replace some of the revenue lost to indoor dining.

The Founding Farmers Market & Grocery debuted in May 2020 built on the GoTab restaurant commerce platform.

How Founding Farmers Utilized GoTab

The store offers over 500 daily grocery items, meals and household staples. It includes a robust selection of prepared foods, bakery & pastries, butcher & deli, fresh product, house-churned ice cream, and much more. Here are some of GoTab’s key features that Founding Farmers implemented:

  • Branded online menu with custom look and feel. Menu is available like any website link so it can be embedded on their website, or shared standalone via an email promotion, or a social media update.
  • Scheduling capabilities that allow guests to book their preferred pickup date and time and receive customized pickup instructions. Thus, if plans change guests can easily adjust their in-store or curbside pickup time and location.
  • Integration with GoTab KDS so the kitchen can seamlessly expedite orders through a single interface. Scheduled pickup orders are managed automatically in the GoTab KDS and alert staff when an order is nearing its designated pickup time.
  • Two-way text communication with guests ensures everyone stays informed. Guests receive text order confirmations via GoTab. Kitchen and expo areas can communicate with guests about order changes, out-of-stock items, or special instructions. For example, remind guests to bring a valid ID for alcohol orders.
  • Discounts and special offers to promote bundling of food, wine & spirits orders.
  • Print packing slips for organized fulfillment of orders and use two-way chat capabilities to maintain open communication throughout the process. 

Learn more about how GoTab Ecommerce Features Help Founding Farmers.

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