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Espita Goes Contactless Amidst The Pandemic

Espita Goes Contactless Amidst the Pandemic, Pivoting from Traditional Service to Contactless Ordering and Payment using GoTab

Espita is a stylish, industrial-modern cantina for Southern Mexican dining & drinking based in Washington, D.C. Located in Washington DC, they had to find a creative solution to keep their doors open while also keeping staff and customers safe. Before COVID, Espita had considered a contactless ordering system but they quickly dismissed it. It didn’t fit their high-touch service model. Guests were used to talking to a server. The change seemed too drastic.

Safety First

When the pandemic hit, Espita tried to use a simple QR menu. Within a few days they realized a simple QR wouldn’t cut it. For one thing, with just the QR menu, servers had a hard time figuring out where to take orders. That’s when Espita turned to GoTab. 

Espita embraced changing their ordering and payment system to adapt to the pandemic, which includes putting the safety of their community at the forefront of their operations. Instead of ordering from a waiter face-to-face, guests scan the QR code at the table, view the menu, order, and pay through their phone. This allows the restaurant to minimize contact, making staff more available to sanitize and clean the restaurant instead of bogging them down with orders.

They’re bussing tables, they’re wiping things down, they’re making sure everything is sanitary, they’re cleaning bathrooms constantly. It’s allowed us to focus on what actually matters right now.

Joshua Phillips, co-founder of Espita

Exceeding Guest Expectations

In hospitality, the guest experience is book-ended by two moments of truth: the order and the payment. When done right, guests hardly notice them. When mistakes happen, the entire guest experience can suffer. 

“With the old process, it can take anywhere from 4- to 7-minutes for a server to take an order,” says Josh. That 4- to 7-minutes doesn’t include the time it takes for the server to greet the table. With GoTab, restaurants get to eliminate that entire process. 

“Guests place the orders. The orders come out. It’s that simple. And the guests love it,” says Josh. “We get compliments constantly. The amount of repeat business is outrageous at this point … At least five or six times a night I get people coming up to me after their meal and telling me how much of a better dining experience this is because they feel more empowered.”

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