One Plan to Rule Them All

Our pricing model is simple: we only make money when you do. With our transaction-based pricing , GoTab is the most affordable QR-based ordering, payment and POS system in the marketplace.

Compared to the other platforms that currently exist for hospitality operators, GoTab is by far the most affordable with some of the best features created specifically for restaurant operations.

– Rock Harper
Chef & Owner of Queen Mother’s


GoTab Fees, Expenses and Payment Terms

Setup Costs


one-time fee.

Monthly Subscription


monthly fee.

Transaction Processing

Will match competing processing rates.

Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

GoTab Fees, Expenses and Payment Terms

Operator Features

Guest Facing Features

Hardware (Re-use existing)

Deployment Models

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no setup fee to use GoTab.

No, there is no monthly subscription fee to use GoTab.

No, GoTab does not require a contract. Simply complete the customer onboarding process and we’ll get you started.

No. GoTab does not require any special hardware. If you already have hardware, more likely than not the GoTab software will run on what you already have. We also offer hardware for operators who are just getting started or who need new hardware. If you would like to run GoTab to your printers, you will need to purchase a GoTab router for a nominal fee.

Yes, with GoTab you can customize discounts, special fees and order rules. You can access all of these settings through the GoTab Manager app.

Yes. GoTab offers a PAX handheld terminal, and you can also run our POS on any standard tablet device.

Yes. Just send us an existing menu, a spreadsheet, or anything in between. Your GoTab Customer Success Manager will work with you to set up your first menu.

Once we receive your paperwork, we can typically complete setup and launch in a minimum of two weeks.

No. There are no extra fees to use the GoTab POS.

GoTab processes the payments and deposits the funds into your account.

Yes. We are always rolling out new integrations to third-party systems. Contact us if you do not see what you’re looking for on our partners list.

Yes. We integrate with common POS systems. Contact us if you do not see what you’re looking for on our POS integrations list.

Yes. GoTab offers a wide range of features for first-party delivery.

Thinking about setting up GoTab? Sign up for our 2-week free trial! We will provide you with all the hardware and software you need to get set up.
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