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EConsultancy: QR Codes Enabling Innovation in 2020

Espita Outdoor Dining

Econsultancy Deputy Editor Rebecca Sentance’s recent piece on QR codes showcased GoTab contactless ordering and payment for restaurants.

From healthcare, to hotels, to social media, Sentence explores the new problems QR codes solve for consumers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just eight months ago, I included the prediction that QR codes would be the future of marketing at the top of a roundup of ‘Seven technology and marketing predictions from the 2010s that aged badly’. [I called] them “probably the most memorable and most-ridiculed fad of the early 2010s … one that will go down … as a spectacular flop.

GoTab is showcased in the piece, which also quotes Espita DC’s Co-Founder Josh Phillips.

“[One guest] interacted with it and changed her tune to ‘I know I was hating on this QR code thing, but this is actually great. Why doesn’t everyone do this?’”

Read How QR codes are finally enabling innovation in 2020 to learn more.

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