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GoTab Transforms The Guest Experience with Easy-to-Use Platform & Distinctive Features

Empowering guests to take control of their dining experience and facilitating contactless ordering via a unique tab system

Present in more than 35 states and used by hundreds of thousands of guests, restaurant commerce platform GoTab continues to roll out distinctive features designed to deliver a safe and flexible contactless dining experience for all. 

Support for Contactless Dining & Table-Side Ordering

With GoTab, guests scan a QR code directly from their mobile device, browse a menu, order and pay — all without downloading an application or waving down their server. For those who still prefer to interact and order through the restaurant’s staff, GoTab has recently added table-side ordering with contactless dine-in. This allows for a comfortable balance for guests, who can decide whether they want to keep full control of their meals by ordering via the GoTab platform, place their order through their server’s Mobile POS, or dabble with both ordering options for maximum flexibility. Guests can easily explore the restaurant’s contactless menu by browsing, searching or filtering using GoTags, helping those with dietary restrictions, allergies or aversions decide what to order.

Unique Contactless Tab Feature

GoTab is currently the only contactless platform with native features for opening a digital tab, sharing and splitting the tab and tips, and keeping the tab open until it’s time to settle. This unique tab system helps reduce transaction fees for both the guests and the operators. Starting a tab only takes a few seconds, by capturing the QR code placed on the table. Servers can also start and add to a tab, and seamlessly pass it off to guests. Both servers and guests can add to the digital check simultaneously. Guests can share their tab with friends, inviting them to join via text message or by scanning the QR code connected to their tab. Alternatively, each guest can maintain their own tab when sitting at the same table, making ordering and payment easy for all involved. 

Two-Way Text to Servers and Kitchen Staff

GoTab provides customers with the ability to text directly with the team on the floor or in the kitchen, via two-way text communications. Servers and Chefs can alert guests about sold out dishes or missing ingredients, and guests can share possible allergies, concerns or new selections with them. This feature is also extremely helpful for customers who order contactless takeout, curbside pickup or delivery from their favorite restaurants via the GoTab platform. 

Tab Splitting Made Easy

GoTab makes it easy to split the bill among diners, especially for those who have decided to share a common tab. When it’s time to pay, GoTab gives guests the options to pay table-side with a physical card using the GoTab Mobile POS or close out their tab on their mobile device via the GoTab platform. They can also provide feedback directly into the platform, submitting a review of their meal in real-time for enhanced communications with the dining venue.

As customers across the country become more and more comfortable with contactless dining, GoTab continues to enhance the platform’s features and transform the guest experience, making it more effortless, convenient and safe, one tab at a time. 

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