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Digital Trends: Exploring the Ins and Outs of QR Code Menus

The Rising Popularity of QR Code Menus and Why They’ll Probably be Around Post-COVID

In her recent, You’ll be ordering food with QR code menus long after the pandemic ends, Ashley Rossi talks with two DC dining pros. They discuss the newfound popularity of QR code menus in the DC area.

Rossi goes into the history of QR codes and their recent unexpected resurgence. “Unlike China, where QR codes are used for almost everything from cashless payments to tombstones, the U.S. has been much slower to adopt quick response technology,” Rossi says. That all changed with the coronavirus. Now “QR codes are experiencing a comeback as a way to eliminate shared menus which could spread the virus between customers — and your dining experience may never be the same,” continues Rossi.

At Espita DC, GoTab’s Contactless Menu is just the guest-facing part of a much larger contactless ordering and payment solution. GoTab not only allows Espita to eliminate printed menus, a potential vector for germs and viruses in the age of coronavirus. Espita uses GoTab for their  full-service dine-in experience in its upscale Southern Mexican format restaurant in the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Co-Founder Josh Phillips describes the speed at which his guests caught on to contactless ordering. Even naysayers eventually came around.

According to Rossi, “Phillips said it only took an afternoon to set up the system. So far, he’s had few complaints. In fact, Phillips said, some guests who initially disliked the QR codes came around to them by the end of their meal.”

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