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WUSA9: Restaurants Rely on Contactless Ordering

WUSA9’s Marcella Robertson recently interviewed GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin and Paul Carlson, owner of LuLu’s Wine Garden. We couldn’t be more grateful for what Paul had to say. 

LuLu’s Wine Garden is a communal, bottle-driven winegarden concept, with two lush garden patios, reimagined dinner party fare, and a fun and affordable under-$50 wine list. 

Dreamt up by local husband-and-wife team Paul and Brittany Carlson, we’re basically your favorite chic, backyard dinner party in wine bar form. 

LuLu’s Wine Garden

Lulu’s engaged GoTab earlier this year, long before anyone anticipated what 2020 had in store. Located in the trendy Shaw neighborhood of DC, LuLu’s owners had remodeled the entire venue with its lush indoor and outdoor gardens themselves. 

Fortunately, GoTab was already in place when DC began to allow restaurants to reintroduce outdoor, then indoor dining. GoTab is now part of LuLu Wine Garden’s reopening plan and COVID precautions

“I didn’t want a server at your table every five minutes taking away from your conversation and experience,” Owner Paul Carlson said.

Watch the interview, Restaurants rely on touch-free ordering during the coronavirus pandemic.

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