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Daily Reports To Help You Plan


This feature allows you to receive a detailed insight report delivered right to your inbox on a daily basis. It provides a snapshot of your daily sales, product mix, projected sales, fulfillment times and guest reviews.

Daily Sales with Projection

  • Get a visual of your week’s daily sales with a running total.
  • Our intelligent systems will also project the day’s sales for the next two days to aide in your planning.

Product Mix

  • All of the products that have been edited, whether enabled, disabled or 86’d will be listed.
  • See what time the change was made, who made it, the product category and a link to the product.

Daily Figures & Fulfillment

  • Receive an overview of your daily total sales, net sales, gratuity, tax, average dollar amount per tab as well as any refunds made.
  • A list of your orders fulfilled with a link to the direct tab and your average fulfillment time.
daily figures

Guest Reviews

  • GoTab makes it easy to get feedback from guests once they close their tabs and even easier to respond. Don’t let too much time go by before making it better.
  • All of the day’s reviews and ratings will be displayed in the daily report.

To Respond: 

  • If any of the reviews are less than favorable, we’ve made it simple to be able to send them a response.
  • Head to your manager dashboard, go under feedback and click the person’s name. It will then prompt an email message to them.
  • Remember. you can’t stop customers from complaining about an experience, but you can make the interaction afterwards the memorable part.

“Imagine that you get an email every night with reviews from 70% of your guests. We joke that we scan for the red dots. For one, it keeps people off yelp. They feel that they were heard. It gives me an opportunity to reach out directly.”

Kevin Hamilton, Founder of Bay Area’s Canyon Club Brewery

Click here to listen to Kevin Hamilton, a 25-year industry veteran on the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. 

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