How Dacha Beer Garden Serves Beer in Less Than 3-Minutes

Dacha is Delighting their Guests with Fast, Responsive Service

Dacha Navy Yard is an authentic Bavarian beer garden in the heart of the nation’s capital. Until March 2020, Dacha used a legacy point of sale solution for bars, nightclubs and restaurants. When the pandemic forced restrictions on indoor dining they turned to GoTab. 

Fortunately, Dacha was able to reconfigure their outdoor space to accommodate a large number of socially-distanced guests. But they also needed a new way of thinking about how they were going to deliver front-of-house (FOH) service. How would Dacha’s staff continue to provide personalized service, while limiting their face-to-face contact with guests? And would their guests take to it? Dacha evaluated a number of options before landing on GoTab.

“What we like about GoTab is the ease of customer acceptance. The fact that GoTab doesn’t have an app makes it easy for anyone to
come to the garden, take out their phone, and go.” – Ilya Alter, Owner, Dacha Beer Garden

Beer Garden Guests Love the New Operational Flow 

From an operational standpoint, Dacha Navy Yard started by placing QRs on their largest tables first. Once their servers were comfortable using the system, which only took a few days, they rolled out QRs across the entire yard.

In terms of operational flow, there’s not a big difference using GoTab versus their old POS, particularly from a server or runner’s perspective.
Tickets still print behind the bar for runners, it takes very little training, and it’s pretty much operational as normal.
Just less work for the servers.” – Gerard Hampton, GoTab Ops Director

According to Iryna Kosovan, General Manager at Dacha, staff like it because it makes their lives so much easier. They’re able to serve more people, more efficiently. They know that if they run the order as fast as they can, guests actually order more. In fact, orders come out so fast — most times in just 2- to 3-minutes — they even have to step in and cut guests off sometimes. Now, they train their new employees as a guide and helper for the dining experience. They’re much less focused on the ordering process because that is now under the guests’ control.

“Our guests love it. They don’t have to waive at someone or stand in line to get a drink. Our servers can 86 items on the fly,
quickly add and remove items from checks. It’s a great experience for our guests and our servers.” – Iryna Kosovan, General Manager

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