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Contactless Ordering and Payment Empowers Customers

How a DC Restaurant Revamped Operations During the Pandemic

Espita is a local, authentic Mexican restaurant located in Washington DC. They are using contactless ordering and payment to empower customers. What’s more, they had to rethink their traditional practices to operate safely. 

Espita is located in the heart of Washington DC. Like many restaurants in high traffic areas, they had to find a creative solution. They needed to keep their doors open while also keeping staff and customers safe. They offer indoor and outdoor patio seating areas where people can enjoy fresh food and drinks.

Implementing GoTab’s Contactless Ordering and Payment System – How This System Benefits Both Staff and Customers

Espita embraced changing their ordering and payment system to adapt to the current climate. That includes putting the safety of their community at the forefront of their operations. Instead of ordering from a waiter face-to-face, guests are in control. They scan the QR code at the table, view the contactless menu, order, and pay through their phone.

Espita minimizes contact, making staff more available to sanitize and clean the restaurant instead of bogging them down with orders. “They’re bussing tables, they’re wiping things down, they’re making sure everything is sanitary, they’re cleaning bathrooms constantly. It’s allowed us to focus on what actually matters right now.”

The result is a positive impact on both staff and guests. Espita says that guests feel “more empowered” and that this allows them to have a better dining experience. Health and safety is what is keeping restaurants alive. Espita has fully adapted to the shift in the restaurant industry by using GoTab’s contactless system.

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