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Get A QR Code Menu to Keep Your Guests Safe

Offer contactless QR-code menus for your guests. 

With GoTab contactless menus, you can control how your digital menu displays. Use GoTags to allow guests to filter by “Vegan” or “Gluten Free” items. Add your own branding, photography, and even multimedia (video). Create an engaging contactless menu.

Customizing Your Contactless Mobile-Friendly Menu is Easy

  • Add and adjust categories, schedules, images and the order of menu items.
  • Organize your offerings into meals (dinner, lunch, brunch, drinks, wine, etc.)
  • Set up menu modifiers, standard tax and default tip rates.
  • Put items on automatic schedules so they appear when they are available (ex.: Happy Hour from 5-7 on weekdays; or, Brunch from 10-2 on weekends).
  • Enable, disable, or 86 items on demand.
menu management screen

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