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Seamless Brewery Operations at Arts District Brewing Co.

As outdoor dining began again in Los Angeles in early Spring of 2021, Downtown Los Angeles hotspot and innovative brewery Arts District Brewing Co. needed a partner that could usher them into safe, effective ordering processes at their larger location. The team was still operating under minimal staff and needed a platform that could aid them in getting food and drinks to patrons fast.

People are so excited that they don’t have to wait to order anymore. Whether they want another round or forgot a food item, the convenience is next-level. We are excited to keep working with GoTab as our indoor dining options reopen and more people get vaccinated. Our staff is less stressed out as well. It’s been easy getting them up-to-speed on the interactivity with the app and how to explain it to customers, and they even enjoy using it themselves for staff meals. When they spend time answering guest questions now, they can take their time, as they’re not running to other tables to take orders or check in.

Stephen Dorame, Assistant General Manager of Arts District Brewing Co.

Faster Table Turns Leads to Increased Revenue

More guests serviced equals more revenue!  The brewery was able to turn tables over faster, as patrons didn’t have to linger to pay their tabs or checks. Since GoTab allows the customer to pay directly, patrons could be in-and-out in as little as an hour. Others, who just wanted to order one beer before continuing their evening, could be in-and-out in as little as fifteen minutes.

Individualized QR Codes without Any Downloads

Arts District Brewing Co. saw differentiation in each table that used GoTab’s brewery POS system. Rather than one “standing code” generated through other POS options, GoTab allowed them to have a unique code per table, making it easier for food runners to locate customers and for the back-of-house to address specific needs. Dorame cited downloadable platforms as a turnoff for customers, so he was thrilled when GoTab took his guests straight to a URL.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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